Need urgent answers!

I have done tones of research and found that everybody uses the same method. So that’s what I did I found a relaxing position ( tried laying down and sitting ) I drew lord lucifer’s sigil chanted his enn none stop unfortunately he didn’t hear me or didn’t want to contact me not sure.

     I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. 

Do you guys think he doesn’t want to contact me maybe he hates me, I just have tones of questions in my mind.

Did you actually open the seal? Just drawing it out and chanting an enn doesn’t do much of anything. You have to actually open the seal, project your intent through it, and call to the spirit.

Without properly opening a seal by gazing at it and entering an altered state so that it becomes a doorway to the spirit, it is just some inert squiggles on paper.


Do you have a comparison with other experiences that sets the baseline for your expectation on how he would manifest? … What normally happens for you when you use this method?

There’s a good chance that he came, but the presence was different or subtle and you didn’t notice it. Do you normally sense presences like ghosts and so on?

I think part of the point of enns is that you don’t have to use a sigil and can chant them anywhere: it’s one or the other you don’t need both. Personally I never use them I use a sigil only, the one and only time I tried an enn for Belial it worked on it’s own and was effective. So the sigil being closed and unused here shouldn’t matter, and I’m leaning to it being a senses thing.

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What is a seal? I think I didn’t open it maybe

It’s my very first times trying so I have no experience or expectations, it’s been two hours since the last time I tried, this might sound weird but I felt something hugging me it felt warm but strong.
Hope this makes sense after I felt that hug I felt dizzy but relaxed, I was stressed after that I felt ease

That sounds good. If this happened to me I think I’d take that as first contact, and the message is “yes I’m open to us working together”.

A lot of communication for me comes as “intuitions” aka clairsentience, it’s like knowing something without remembering how you know, you just know. You also get emotional sensations, and these tend to come through before other more physicals senses.

I rely on these and still only get full audio and visual effects when I’m in deep trance or that state between waking and sleeping when lucid dreaming comes into play.

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A seal is the traditional term for the symbols used to represent spirits. A lot people call them sigils but it causes confusion with the modern Chaos Magick technique of turning a statement of intent into a glyph so I prefer the traditional term.


:cold_sweat::sweat: wait so lord lucifer did contact me !!!

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I think you’re the best judge of that but it rather sounds like it to me. :slight_smile: You got emotional feedback rather than through another sense is all.

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On paper, yes. The better option IMHO is to visualize the seal as an energetic beacon both below you in the center of the pentagram and above the crown chakra, in the neon elemental color most appropriate. This really seems to be a beacon to them with no problem. Just another way to activate it.


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