Need to interpret my dream with Asmodeus

Hello all,
I had a profound dream last night which I can’t quite get out of my mind so I want to know a bit more about the potential interpretation (if there is one) of this dream or if there is something more to it.

During parts of my dream last night my attention was drawn to what appeared to be some sort of demon/devil.
The first thing I can remember is this demon saying to me that he has been part of my family for a long time, in particular on my mothers side of the family. At this point I could only hear his voice and we were in a field in the night under the moonlight. This field in the dream is significant to me, it’s right where I grew up.
Then at a different stage of the dream this demon was crouched down in a fetal position in a room trying to blend in with the furniture and although the room was full of people I was the only one who could see this huge over 6ft red, muscular man/demon crouched over. I was trying to point him out to everyone but no-one could see him. Then I said something that made him laugh, when he started laughing I realised that I had been attempting to make him laugh all along but then everyone could see him when he started laughing and he left but I could still feel his prescence.
Then the last part of the dream that he was in I was trying to clean something for someone infront of a crowd of people, as I got it clean he had made it dirty again (which I didn’t find funny at all but he thought it was hilarious, and although no-one could see him I knew it was him) and then he vanished. I needed to find out his name and ended up frantically looking through this contract that I happened to have from him that was meant to have his name on it somewhere. When I woke up I couldn’t stop thinking that his name was Ash or Ashley, Drew was also in my head for some reason.

Anyway, sorry for my life story. My dreams are always huge and chaotic and hard to explain. I would never usually even post on a forum about anything, let alone a dream that I had but this character has stuck with me.
When I woke up and started looking into ‘demons called Ash’ and Asmodeus was the first name to pop up and since looking into him it has made a lot of sense that he was the one in my dream.

I don’t know if I have somehow reached out to him or he is reaching out to me. It feels like more than just a dream so I would like to offer something to him, such as a glass of red wine just to say cheers for the laugh.

Thanks to all for reading.


I don’t know anything about Asmodeus… but thanks for sharing. Very interesting.

Possibly the beginning could be literal… him telling you that he is with your family and therefore with you.

The last part about the cleaning… possibly he could be telling you about tests and challenges that he is going to be bringing you and that you need to pay attention… it’ll look like you just can’t get ahead.

These are just my opinions though. I’m not really sure.

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Thank you for your reply and I’m glad that someone else found it interesting.

While I have been trying to find out more about him I have seen that many people who have had their first ‘encounter’ with him say that his name or something relevant about him started popping up in their lives almost immediatley afterwards. It would be very interesting to see if I’ll experience any similar synchronicities.

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Indeed it will. I look forward to the updates if you share!