Need to help with personal matter - revenge after years

Here is the shortcut of situation: I know that the person who was literally the reason for most of pain in my life and his mother are going to make me a lot of trouble.
I want to make this as following:
a) make that person unable to make me any trouble
b) kill his entire family
c) take over their property, their bank accounts and their company.
If you need details I can write more about it.
Which entity/entities would me most suitable in that matter?

I mean to be fair, every post about asking for help on a ritual/situation is a “personal matter”. This isn’t the first “I want to kill so and so” post.

Anyways now for the advice.

Bind them.

Work with death energies, or deities that deal with death/war.

Work with spirits that work with money/wealth and the law. Not sure if you can do the second within the “taking over” list…

Not really.

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