Need to contact Lucifer, time passing

Hello everyone!
I’ve been asking Lucifer, and His Legion, and King Paimon and Duke Dantalion, for a desire that I Need to happen. Its been some days and yesterday when I asked King Paimon and Duke Dantalion to help me alongside Lucifer (letting Lucifer acknowledge it too), and I said if it doesnt happen from one side then I need to take a step at midnight of here, which is 3 hours away. I cant let more time pass. I need to act properly and soon. This I Need, no matter the cost… even Lucifer knows my craving desire for it, but the thing is I need to know how the situation is on the other side, so i know when to proceed by myself…
Im still working on my powers and abilities, Im not honed enough yet to feel the spirits, I do work on myself for those abilities but I must do something tonight… I need to know the right time to take the step… which I can even do rn but I need to know the situation on the other side and the right time to take my step… I’ve been thinking if I should ask help from someone on here since some days, but didnt till now as I still had time, but now as the time is passing I need to act tonight… I need to know how the situation is… can anyone help me hear Lucifer’s words? Lucifer knows my desire for it, and he knows I can do everything for it, just need his words to guide me to the right time to act on. Could somebody help?
Kind regards, good day everyone!

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Just a general advice, which is a must know when it comes to these kinds of things: the more you desire, the less you’ll get. You really need to stop wanting it, because your energies affect negatively the results.

Yes i do understand that, and I do work for the positive outcome, and not lusting for it.

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The most important thing is that you need to let the energies do their thing. It may take some time, but I’ve worked with King Paimon and Lucifer and they’re really good at what they’re doing.

They’ve indeed helped me too in many situations… but this time its really complex and I really need some guidance from them… its not just asking and letting go with trust, but I myself need to act along their words…

Yes indeed, part of the whole thing is the work you do. So, I get it. You should call them and ask them, if possible.

Yep that’s the reason for the post ^^

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I feel the want to take the step at tomorrow midnight, feeling different rn… will let the spirits know. If anyone could help it would be very much appreciated ^^

Bump… it didnt go quite well… I really need some direction from Lucifer… can pay if needed…

Here’s the thing, no one really likes talking to spirits on behalf of others. We don’t like it and spirits don’t like it (King Paimon once became angry over it). Opening your astral senses (and thus, talking to spirits) isn’t easy and it takes time. But it’s something everyone needs to do, if they wish to walk this path (and it’s actually useful for more things than just talking to spirits).

Another thing, it’s against the rules to pay for any products or services here on the forum. This is the case because this forum isn’t a place to market or sell things (unless given permission by the admins).

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nvm… already grabbed my pendulum before seeing this… still learning ^^

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I mean, divination is a really amazing way to go for it! You’re doing a great job there! If you have a pendulum, you just need to practice more. Maybe check out a guide in the forum? There are some really amazing things here!