Need to advice for hex bad person? (layered spell)

Hello everyone
I need advice about hex/curse someone
I want hex ex bf
short story
he’s abbusive action and verbal (which means im still good for him until yesterday)
he’s so manipulative,
and yesterday i cant cant give a shit for him
he played victim him after all this

i’‘ll make him for pay what he’ s done me
my wish:

-he’s getting fired from old company and failed for interview new company (jobless forever)
-no want him back as lover,lust, fwb, husband
-his life will full bad karma

maybe this forum know step by step?
what should i do first ?

the plan are:

  1. petition with king belial/paimon/dantalion to cut off my mind/feeling toward him
  2. after that petition with andras/furfur/pentacle saturn?
  3. ritual to let go my desire
  4. ritual for a curse not to backfire for me&my family?

is it posibble ?
ah before that i need Gabriel for protect me

my case;
im living with myfamily so i can make petition only

Maybe if someone in here could give me some advice ?

thank you

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Ok, so to maximize the pain he feel you are going to want to do a layered spell, i would call on the gatekeepers, starting with Belial or Abbadon.


ah, yap layered spell like love layered spell :wink:
this is my1st time to hear this name " Abbadon" (i’ll look for this)

have you work with hex/curse spell ??