Need thoughts

Ok so this is my balcony and I’m also thinking a make shift evocation/magickal working spot. Minus all the things minus the fire pit…I’m thinking of using it in the operations. I could use chalk on ground and walls. Thoughts, opinions and all the other fantastic shit would be much appreciated.[email protected]

I have a few of these things already but thanks for taking out the time to write a well written and thoughtful response. Esp like the drop cloth instead of chalk and also the pillar candle holder. Thanks again.

Alkaloid if you decide to make a permanent circle/triangle you could use a pillow case to paint your triangle on and then place your circle and other supplies inside of it when not in use. I’m finishing mine up today (took a lot longer than expected) if you’d like I’ll post a picture or two.

Yessss please do friend!

Looks like I’ve put my foot in my mouth Alkaloid, I posted I’d be finished before checking on it today. I had to put a few more coats of paint on my inner and outter concentric circles. I should have pics up by Monday.

Look forward to it.

Finally got it done, it took so much longer than I thought it would.

Very nice!

Thank you sir, its not nearly as nice as the picture depicts. Paint is definitely not my medium of choice. If I could have gotten my hands on a nice slab of wood I’d have wood burned a seriously bad ass circle…that just may be a later project.

I’m about to start a wooden seal of the sorcerer and a wooden gateway of pacts as well. When they’re complete I’ll put them up for display.

That looks pretty badass Wanderingfool!

Also Alkaloid…Salt works really well for a temporary circle and it’s easy to make.

Keep us posted TWF, I’m sure it will turn out nicely. Yea I didn’t even think about that Zek, good call.

Thanks for the compliments. I used a full size bed sheet from wallyworld and the circle is big enough for me to set a chair and the small stand I use as a base for which ever altar top I use (I have one each for baneful and benevolent rituals). I just used Walmart acrylic paint and some sponge brushes. The white took about two thick coats to hold the red required about 4 to really stand out. I had planned to see a curtain rod into one end of the circle so I could roll it up for easy storage but the pillow case/triangle worked much better and I can save space plus have my altar tops, and evocation supplies neatly tucked away until I need them.

A guy who used to practice with my mom had a little setup using a mop/broom handle attached with an arm at 90 degrees with a funnel attached to make circles. He used flour as salt would kill grass when used outdoors. If you like to use natural materials (salt, flour, corn meal etc) that maybe something you’d like to try. Just set the handle on the ground take the cap off the funnel and turn the handle to form a relatively perfect circle.

How did you make your circles…circle ha?

Run the sheet through the dryer with a wet rag to get all the creases out. If you have any free weights get some out. Use a small weight and put it over the spindle of a cd/dvd pack. Tie a piece of string using a slip knot onto the spindle, this will keep it from wrapping around the spindle and keep the string the same length. Do the same to the other end just attach a white colored pencil. Make sure all wrinkles are out of the sheet and put spare weights on the edges to keep the sheet from moving as the pencil goes around ( I was short on enough weights so I had my fiancé pull off her best twister poses to hold down multiple areas.) next repeat this step but shorten the string a few inches until you get your desired thickness of the main circle.

After that I tacked it to my wall in the garage and painted the snake portion of the circle. Instead of tracing out all the circles I only traced the snake and used the width of the brushes for my red rings. It bled through onto the wall but I didn’t care, if you rent putting an old shower curtain or something behind it would help prevent this. I used a full size sheet and made a rather large circle so I had to paint mine in sections rotating the sheet after a section was dry. If you use a twin size sheet you could probably have it completely finished in just a few days.

I was also delayed because I didn’t work on it while my kids were home. I keep my occult studies and practices away from them until they are older. I already have to chase monsters out of closets I don’t need demons angels and spirits on top of that.

Lol prob a good call. Thanks for your descriptive process, think I may try this.

Great looking circle, TheWanderingFool! Love the colors, the ouroboros, the idea of using a pillow-case as the ‘holder’ for the circle and other tools when you’re not using them. Awesome idea, which is very practical.

I’ve been meaning to get my own circle painted and underway, and I’ve been weighing several options on fabric and various looks. I really love how yours came out and using the bed sheet is easy enough. Thanks for posting, and I appreciate the process.

Also, good call on not working with the kids home. I do the same with my son (only 4 months old)!

Best to you, sir.

Thanks Avernus, when you get yours completed please share some pics as well.

Oh and congratulations on your son!

Here’s my completed ritual implements. I have the seal of the sorcerer for working through KOF, the gateway of pacts for entities from BOA in addition to my normal circle for anything in between. Now all I need is a chalice but will use an ordinary cup until one can be provided.

Keep up the good work friend

Your implements look amazing! I particularly like the KOF Seal of the Sorcerer. Excellent job, WanderingFool.