Need straightforward answers about planetary evocations

I’ve been using Jason Miller’s method in his book Advanced Planetary Magic for sometime now just to be safe, but I really want to be able to use Agrippa’s planetary kameas, etc. I just don’t know how to begin.

Now, before anybody clocks me, yes, I’ve already abused the search function here and read multiple ebooks and online resources on the matter. That’s exactly the problem—all the conflicting information and opinions are only giving me analysis paralysis. This is compounded by my ADHD, so I really need specific instructions.

What’s your opinion on Frater Xavier’s method? Do I really only need a kamea to evoke a planetary deity and tap into its powers? No more preliminary ceremonies like LIRH, GIRH, Bornless Ritual, calling out to specific godnames, spirits, and intelligences? Is it actually that easy?

Also, what if I just used the planet’s astrological glyph?

On the matter of using just a kamea I’d say yes… While ceremonial magick has its importance, René Guénon wrote about witches obtaining results with simpler workings, while instead some ritual operators may fail, getting caught in formal intricacies.


Will keep this in mind. Thanks!

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