Need Something Quick

Well, Cog, I have to say I have a habit of reading your posts because they’re so interesting, so I must say thank you for contributing.

But an update: I did curse him, a week or so ago.

He isn’t dead, but he’s vanished from my life. Gone. Just… doesn’t exist anymore. He’s stopped harassing us, he just seems to have vanished into thin air.

I’ll take that as my success.

Oh, and I’m getting better at making changes in the physical. Namely, being able to manifest an almost unhealthy level of something in a direct area. I particularly love attending lectures only to have the lights go out and people start panicking.

I also think that I may have killed a friend of mine accidentally, but that’s a story for another day.

Good work in that case, I believe EA states in Baneful Magic that it isn’t unusual for death curses to instead result in the removal of that individual from your experience. Metaphysically speaking that which isnt considered, is not, so in a round-about way it is the death of the relationship that occurs.

Keep it up!

Oh, I shall. Rest assured, I will continue.

If death curses don’t manifest the actual death, but something less, than the spell failed.

On a purely technical basis I agree, although many don’t like to admit it (their own failure that is). I think its not so much of the spell failing as the intent is misdirected or called something its not.

My opinion in the circumstances when the curse does not cause the actual death is that an internal conflict occurs. The conscious mind doesn’t want to have to deal with this person anymore so the most permanent soloution they can think of is the persons death. The higher self recognizes you only wish not to deal with this person anymore so that’s where most of the emotion is coming from during the ritual. So it’s really not a shock this person disappears from your life completely.

On the other hand if someone truly wants this person dead and feels the hate and anger and pain and directs it to cause physical harm/death rather than to simply remove this person from their life the. The likelihood of success is the same as the other scenario only the outcome is more in touch with the stated desire.

It’s circumstances, a lot of it, but he’s a substance abuser so I’d like to say that my curse caused him to take more of his drug. But I can’t be certain.

A quick question: Since he is out of my life, would throwing a more potent death curse (thanks to my handy-dandy Hexing Amp) just fizzle out with the other curse, or would it add on to the power already there?


That would depend how bad you really want him dead with a capital D. There may be a great deal of internal conflict involved in patricide even if you dont sense it consciously.

“sense it consciously”?

Oh boy, time to do some internal work.

My man,is a magicians,smtimes we need we need advice,as a pupils in the magik path.i so admire ya zo much,be like nike slogan ( just do it) the answer& decisión,is yours,wish ya the best.

He’s been banned dude, but I don’t know why. Maybe he was role playing a little too hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello all,
Actually i have one of my relative who is under a curse,his wife passed away three years back by a long ill of cancer. Two sons who could not do anything positive and one tried to commit suicide also last but not the least the head of the family himself has been asked to quit his job. Pfffffff i dont know how to help we tried all prayers but they are getting trouble one after the other,as if i am getting crazy of thinking how to help them. Can anybody help or suggest?