Need Something Quick

So, my abusive drug addict father is in town. Haven’t really thought of him in a long time because reasons. But he broke his parole and before he is arrested again in a few days, I need something that will hit him quick and put his head on a pike.


A bullet.

I don’t know of any curses that would work in that time frame. Why not just devour his soul?

Focus a psy ball of hate and smash it into his 3rd eye. I’ve not tried it myself but have read about it before and it seemed to have good results.

Darkest, because walking up to him in the middle of the street with a shotgun would get me in a lot of physical trouble. Then I’d have more stupid work on my hands. And the thing is his soul is STICKY. Don’t ask me how, but it WON’T COME OUT!

TWF, think I might try that. Those results give a timeframe?

I’ve heard of people doing it on their job with hostile coworkers and they suddenly just keep their distance.

You could just vamp him until he passes out.

I don’t even know where he is, that’s the thing. All I know is that he’s in the area.

Can’t find him in the Astral? What about Nidhogg?

In the astral! Ahaha! Why didn’t I think of that?

Belial demanded that for thirty days I cut off all other contact with spirits to do some serious work on my godhood with him. Read the Naos thread in soul travel section, pretty intense stuff day 1.

Could you use the sword Belly-Aisle gave you (described in the other thread) to git 'im?

You already such an accomplished dude, why do you need any help?

I need something that will work by Saturday, Euoi, and something that will kill this piece of shit.

Darkest, I’m not sure because at the time of writing this I’ve yet to use such a weapon, but I WILL try it out.

I PM’d you some shit. It should be useful for this too.

I felt the power from just reading that, Elison, and you can rest assured that I will use it for more than just the targets in question.

Sevarn, I understand you, because I have the alcohol problem in my family as well. But, why instead of killing him, you just won’t heal him? It would be much better thing to do!
I know all the feelings that you have, for sure, but maybe you could try to repair the situation instead on making it worse?

It’s drugs, not alcohol.

And I will not let someone who hurt my family, my mother no less, to such an extent live. If someone LOOKS at me the wrong way I bring ruin upon them.

Him? I want him disemboweled. I want him torn to shreds. I want him to scream like all pigs do when the dark finally turns to him and beckons with its claws. I want him to know the true meaning of fear, and what death tastes like. I want him to know what it feels like to live in fear, so small and so terrified, I want him to feel the pain and the horror as the world crumbles around him and all that is left is I.

I am the judge, jury, and executioner for all that I see fit. And he has been sentenced to death, and I will wield the sword.

Dellamage, you know nothing of me. Don’t think it would be better. It wouldn’t.

These lesser things deserve nothing more than to die, and this one more than quite a few. Alcoholics are bad, but drug addicts are worse- trust me, I have both in my kin.

He’s existed for far too long. And when he does die, his soul will be mine.

We’ve all had enemies. Friends. Traitors. Bastards to deal with. That nameless foe that hunts you.

I’m tired of being hunted, now I am the hunter. Imagine the worst you can do to a human being. The lacerations one could cause to it. I will ensure he receives much worse.

You hit me, and I’ll hit you back with a gatling gun. You hit my FAMILY, my DOGS- And I will turn you into nothing more than a blabbering thing, driven mad from the blood lost and the psychological torture. And he has done just that.

And he will pay for it, with his existence. So will his line.

I have no tolerance. For anything. Period. You can try to convince me to heal him, try to get me to go to whatever god you want, but I am not one that changes due to external factors. Healing is for those who have family in need, and he is nothing but a creature that has haunted my family.

You do not know what I’ve been through dellamage, so don’t bother trying to tell me to heal him. Roaches live through too much and Belial has taught me that if I want something, I take it. I don’t manipulate in the hopes of change, or attack if attacked, If I want something, I’ll break the balls and noses of whoever I damn well want to get it.

You may ask me about karma. Well, karma is a fool’s notion made by fools to control fools. If I have any ties to karma, it is that I am it incarnate.

So, no, I won’t heal him.

Because when you make a case to your jury and your judge, and they find you guilty, you better be fucking ready to deal with the executioner when he comes knocking.

Chicken feet. But I think is more long term than what you want.

I would think if you can kill an Ifrit King a man with no occult experience should be light work.

I need to investigate more into this, because I have my Knights on it.

I also need to investigate the fact that despite my proficiency in the astral, I have a hard time making things happen in the physical. The last thing I tried to have happen in the physical I started working on in November, and only last week did the effects begin to crop up.

Meanwhile, I can cause quite a few things to happen on the astral nigh of immediately.

So, I need to do some work on figuring out just what’s stopping my results in the physical from happening like they do on the astral.

Sevarn, dont take this the wrong way, but wouldn’t an inability to effect the physical betray an inability to effect the astral? Whats the point of being able to devour a persons soul, if their walking body still experiences all of the pleasures of the flesh?

I read your posts all the time and I will admit while you have the attitude of a black magician, the desire to make yourself what you know you are, you seem to be lost in a fantasy most of the time.

You have quite the imagination, but is it a magical imagination?

Its not my place to preach to anyone, but my advice to you would be take some time off of this forum for a bit, hone your ability to actually affect change in your life and then report back - until then you are essentially lucid dreaming while awake.

If your astral senses are legitimate there will be no truer test than your ability to perform evocation and reap the rewards of doing so.

Taking your claims at face value, I shudder at the amount of power you could harness then…

For what its worth, I just completed over a month of preparatory immersion with Belial, and performed my very first evocation today after becoming competent enough to manifest over $5000 dollars with sigil magick…

And last night I was scared shitless. Stressing over todays potential blow to my ego - what if I wound up sitting in my temple trapped in this mundane state of mind, a flaccid and limp cloud of incense trailing into nowhere as I gibbered in some barbarous tongue, desperate for manifestation. What if all of my presumed ability came to naught?

In a state of meditation these words came to me from Belial -

“Know now the demonic wisdom, and you will see me clearly”

demonic wisdom not being some vague realization, but instead a reference to the youtube search term I fired off one day to discover EA’s channel that led me to my current state of achievement.

It was an admonition to focus on the actual point of evocation in the first place, manifesting my will, not having a heart attack over the pyrotechnics of the manifestation.

In the same way, get back to basics, you want power? Forget the astral plane and its phantasmal inhabitants, why raise yourself as a demonic warlord if you are in the same position now physically, and thus likely spiritually as you where six months ago?

I can tell you for sure that I’m not.

You are GOD NOW. And like GOD you are to stretch forth your hand and effect change, palpable change, change that you can hold and eat and fuck and trade. The change within will be concomitant with this external morphing of your circumstances and you will know then what it is to rain down plague and to feel the terrifying and awe inspiring presence of the demons that decide the lives of men at your whim.

If you truly hated your father, and you truly possessed power enough to harm a fly - he would be dead already.