Need some prayers please

I’ve been praying to Bune lately, but have yet to do an actual evocation at my altar. But I repeat his enn in whispers while looking at the mini sigil have have drawn in the back of my day planner. Then I speak like a prayer.

I had ended up quitting at the place that i was at because it became too toxic for me to work at. (My manager, a 50+ year old man, even backed me against a while and was trying to violently threaten me to get back to work. That i was not “allowed” to quit. Screw him.) But today I have a phone interview for a job at my credit union! I have a chance to have an actual career and become something great in my life!

Bune also helped with some pizza. They didnt have cheese for stuffed crust so they knocked $12 off of a $32 order.

I’m really excited, but also scared for the phone interview in less than 2 hours. I really need this job. Right now its only 25 hours, part-time. But I’ll be making as much as I was working full time at the last place. And if i get full time eventually I’ll be making a LOT of money (even more than my last factory job.) Plus I have the ability to work hard and be promoted into better positions. And I’ll get experience needed to apply at any bank anywhere!

So if everyone could, please send good energies and help me get this job oppurtunity. I really need it.


I really wish you some good luck! Do your best! And remember, we are all a family, so we have your back!


Something that may help with the nervousness - gaze at Bune’s sigil and chant her enn, forming a connection to the spirit. Bring forth your anxieties and fears regarding this situation, and then transmute them into feelings of success, power, and joy. Thank Bune for the magick, and then get on with your day.

Really try not to dwell on your fears or worries. If you find yourself doing so, remember the feelings you experienced in the ritual, the feelings you will have when you get the job. Trust that Bune is working on your behalf, and will bring you satisfaction.

Good vibes and best wishes friend :slight_smile:


Sending you lots of blessings :heart:

I know you’re gonna be successful!!


Thank you for the tip! :smile:

I think the phone interview went very well and I will be hearing shortly if they do or don’t want to move me onto the next phase. I’m very excited! Thank you all for the well wishes and help! :heart: