Need some info on the term "Brightman/bright man"

Hello Mr. Koetting,

I have only recently started back on the esoteric/magical path (life and a string of disappointing events made me focus more on studying rather than practice) and about two years or so ago, when I was working on astral projection I woke up one morning with the typical tingling body and trying to vibrate outside of my body (I know now there are other ways to do this) but right after waking up I heard a female voice telling me “Go back to sleep brightman/bright man”. Needless to say I did as I felt I couldn’t resist what was told to me.

I have not been able to find any information about this term (other than its some singers name). I have ask around to some seeres but none have heard of this term either.

So here I am asking you semi directly if you have heard of this?