Need some ideas (necromancy, ghosts and the hypothetical)

I would like to know where I can find some sources on Wraiths in occultism. I read that specifically a Wraith is a human ghost from a sorcerer who practiced dark magic (and possibly revived themselves with magic or alchemy). I’ve always been fascinated by the Wraith as an archetype but I haven’t found much on ghosts in occultism outside of necromancy.
The two questions I have is:

  • Do Wraiths actually appear in any form of Western occult practices (not just in Scottish folklore)? And;
  • Can one become a Wraith (even temporarily) through necromancy or another dark art?
    Thanks for reading, and any replies in advance.
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I don’t have any knowledge on wraiths. There are some Goetia Spirits that specialize in shapeshifting.

Shapeshifting is not really a problem for me given the right symbolism and context. I would like to know if Wraiths specifically had any connection to the occult historically because I like to do research on these topics before I proceed with rituals, because I sometimes find symbolism or facts that empower the working that I probably wouldn’t think of on my own.

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I would say in terms of becoming one, is to make a servitor, have it hunt one that is suitable for you down and work with that wraith or astrally find one. It will most likely be in a grave. There was also a Castaneda method for perceiving anything too. Once you have it, ask the necessary questions.

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I may be speaking rubbish but wasn’t that “law” so to speak that should you find a dead sorcerer and run away with his books then when you die you must lie in his place or smthg like that?

As for historical evidence, I’ve found nothing so far.

Oh another thing. The book of tiamat has a serpent that can transform you into a wraith.

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Would a magician that died and their spirit became demonic be a wraith or no? Do you mean specifically they wanted to be a ghost. Their soul is still human just more powerful

A wraith is not exactly a product of “dark” magick, IMO. It is essentially the Highland take on extreme projection of the self on some level, vibration or timeline. It could also be a divergent timeline phenomena. Is there any actual, credible opinion as to how to make one? If not, I would say that a wraith is a natural phenomenon that is being misinterpreted by lay people in a country and time when they were already hopelessly fucked over by desert politics, so anything wraith-like would be “dark magick”. Do any of the stories of the wraith or doppleganger you have ever read usually work out for the person(s) involved? But to project your self in a wraith-like capacity, that might be doable. I don’t know. I can’t.

I’ve managed to pull off a wraith like projection

I would assume it is plausible but according to what I read, in classic mythology a Wraith is a type of undead that is uniquely spiritual and magical, and specifically the revived soul or spirit of a black sorcerer. The implications are that a Wraith is already in and of itself a dark entity, and a ghost, but not a demon per se. Demonic souls might be slightly different if they’re not the same (Celtic lore distinguish demons and ghosts themselves). Most demons don’t appear to be ghosts, though.

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The Akkharu and many other Mesopotamian and Sumerian vampires were actually wraiths and I’m not one hundred percent sure, but I think according to lore they were the disembodied spirits of magicians using soul travel.

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The wraiths are also similar to the haugbui and other Norse ghosts. I think wraiths are also somewhat related to banshees.

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