Need some help with a situation: Sensitive Urgent

Okay long story short:

About a year ago my sister (she’s 22) met this guy who she became romantically involved with. He also gave her a BUNCH of illegal drugs and hallucinogens that really fucked with her. She was with him because she wanted love and drugs, I think he just wanted to use her.

She eventually became very psychotic and out of touch with reality. Had to be hospitalized cause she was losing it and hurting us and property. Plus then other stuff. This lasted awhile and we only recently managed to somehow convince her to take antipsychotics which she is FINALLY starting to recover with.

I mean I thought I had lost my sister. She was a completely different person. Although she still has psychosis/skizophrenia but she is more lucid now.

Another key note, during the psychosis out of paranoia she idk purposefully lost her phone or something AND we only recently got her a new phone just a couple days ago. And now decided to go and “text her old friends”. One of them being this asshole. I’m afraid she’s going to try and meet him.

Before all this she smoked alot of weed and she says she wants to smoke with him and he’s a “good guy”, that she doesn’t have friends. Me and my family have been trying to keep her away from weed to. Since it’s bad for her. But she had used it as a coping method and apparently even after a year of not smoking she wants to smoke again.

That’s what I need help with. Keeping her away from this guy. He is trouble. Trust me. Bunch of stuff happened involving him. Before all this with her I lost my oldest sister (there were 3 of us) to drugs. So this is very sensitive and I got alot of hate for this guy.

There’s nothing I can legally do to the guy and my sister is an adult. Although any tips on the mudane side is welcome to. If there’s anything magically I can do to keep her away from him and maybe something to him…

Any suggestions on what I can do to do something about this.


All in all, seems like she needs coping mechanisms and new friends.

So all I can tell you is to work in those regards and be sure she keeps her treatment.

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The issue is we’ve tried doing that. It took us forever to convince her to even take the medication cause she thought the “government/doctor was trying to kill her” along with other stuff. She thought we were threats too.

She’s doing better now but she has a history of drug use and I can’t keep her from using. And somehow in her mind this guy is good.

New friends, seeker.

Encourage her to get into new activities, in order to meet new people. Maybe you both can take it up? So she is going to face a project that maybe, just maybe, will act as a main focus in her life, at least for some time.


Try this unless/until you get something that might clash with it (eg involving fire elements etc):

Hopefully you’ll get some more helpful replies re: baneful work, as well.


I’m doing my best, it’s been really tiring and stressful.

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I’m not sure if there is anything that would conflict but I definitely want to avoid making the situation worse.

Okay, at the top of my mind, theater classes?

You’ll meet new people, all of whom are probably looking for something (people is ALWAYS looking for something), peers, a group of belonging or whatever it is called in English and at some point the overall goal of staging a play.

Also, she gets to be someone else for a minute.

She’s not into that kind of stuff. Maybe a video gaming club or even camping. She likes exercise and the outdoors.

The problem is what to do between those times. This guy used to pick her up at night and she would be gone for the whole night if not longer. If it was a simple as stuff like this then none of these problems would have happened.

She also struggles to relate to others and isn’t all that social. Either am I to be honest. But she does like a few friends. Just has struggled to make good ones.

Well, I’m just trying to shoot you a few ideas, it is your job to adapt it to her and your specific circumstances, since I don’t know her.

I don’t think I’ll be of much use even to brainstorm here. Sorry.


I’m thankful for the ideas. Sorry if I wasn’t sounding polite. Yeah I will see about it. I’m just worried is all.

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Do you have “The Magick of Angels and Demons”? That’s a very interesting book (that actually works as long as you follow the instructions) and maybe has everything you need to start solving this.

That’s so serious and important what you are describing here and it’s good that you want to take action beforehand.
I would personally suggest you to call on archangel Michael to protect her, because it seems she s not able to do it for herself unfortunately. She s losing herself in the same, continuous pattern of pleasure with him plus if she s in love… Then even worse to make her see the truth.
When a woman is in love she can be totally paranoic. So, you could do the freezer spell that mentioned above to make her loose her passion for him and you could also ask the help of Dantalion, who is great on manipulating minds and change opinions.
If he can change her whole mindset about that guy and what she s doing, then you will completely save her.
From the deepest of my heart, good luck :purple_heart::sparkles:

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Unfortunately I don’t have it. I’ll look into it.

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Thanks! That would be a good idea. Maybe asking Micheal to “watch over/protect her”. Maybe also looking into a healing spirit will help her to. Although right now protecting her from this guy is priority.

Although maybe a spirit that can influence her to stay away from him/bad people would be a good idea…

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Hmm just checked it out, I think it would work fine. I’d have to use the basement freezer and not the kitchen or I’m gonna have a confused family. Seems like it’s temporary. Should work till I can find a more permanent solution. A glass jar should be fine in the freezer I assume.

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I would do some cord-cutting for her, too. Who knows what might be attached at this point.

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I was just thinking about that. For entities or people?

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Yes - both

Plastic’s better, if you seal a glass vessel with most liquids in and then freeze them, they’ll shatter when the liquid expands. If you use plastic bottle, like for shampoo or vitamins, and give it a bit of a squeeze so it’s slightly squished, giving the water room to expand, it will be perfect.