Need some help trying to understand planetary squares

So I am trying to make a sigil using the square of the Sun, but in that square the number I need (that corresponds to a letter in my intent) isn’t in the square itself. So what exactly do I do? Do I have to add or subtract something or??? How would I go about figuring it out.

I saw a video about this or something awhile back.

So, you reassign the letters and numbers with what you got.

Lay the numbers out from beginning to end. Then just go through all the letters jumping back to the beginning when you reach the last number.

You end up with something like the numbers on a phone in that, some numbers will represent multiple letters.

Example using 1-8:

1=aiqy 2=bjrz 3=cks 4=dlt 5=emu 6=fnv 7=gow 8=hpx

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