Need some health advice

Ok, for the past few days I have been feeling horrible. I think I am catching/or already caught the flu. My fever keeps soaring and the highest it got was 104.3. I called my local hospital and they said to alternate between tylenol and ibuprofen every 4 hours. I feel like i need something else. I wake up at 4-4:30 every night and cant go back to sleep and no matter how much water I drink, my urine is still dark. I also woke up the other night feeling like something was pushing down on my chest and I was paralyzed. My question is, is there any sigils I can draw to hone healing power or any mantras I can recite. Im not really advanced in the occult yet so my visulization skills are not that good yet but I will do anything to feel better. Any advice or healing energies would help me so much. Have a happy rest of 2014.

You could try this - it doesn’t get much simpler: Raphael healing mantra.

In my experience, and that of others, Raphael will work with anyone, regardless of path or beliefs, and isn’t going to bug you to become religious in any way.

Thank you Lady Eva and Euoi. Your help is greatly appreciated

Raphael definitely worked for me, he da man.