Need some backup here

I was wondering could someone do divination today? i would pay a small fee like 5 dollars or something depending of course on what sort of divination can you offer to me… Because i’m not very high on money, but as for the sign of gratitude. I would need to know is one new person in sight part of plan ov the demon who i am working with. And how to proceed with this person in that case the person would be part of something meaningful.

I need the answer fast so i A) don’t delude myself if the person is not part of the plan :smiley: or B) if the person is part of the plan, then i don’t want to fuck it up.

Did kind of divination myself, but i’m not the most educated on divination so i’m in need of backup here.

Answer here or PM, as a “legal disclaimer” your answer doesn’t mean that i have agreed to buy/agree anything yet as doesn’t this message either :smiley: i’m just trying to find i way how can i quickest know the answer… so i know how to approach this person.

Thank you for understanding my need :stuck_out_tongue: