Need some advice on my recent work

Hi everyone, I’d like to get some other people’s options on some work spirits ive been doing recently:
About 1 month ago I really started practicing magic again. I had dabbled in the past but stopped as my college work load increased with the exams.

Since starting again I’ve focused on the evocation and invocation of spirits. I began with a spirit that had hung around me for about a year now but quickly moved onto more powerful entities.

I moved onto Lucifuge Rofocale and asked that he aid me in learning, to which he agreed. Since then he’s spoken knowledge and techniques into my head inclueding how to form the mental link that he speaks to me through. Since lucifuge ive worked with lucifer and lilith as well. Lilith ive found partuculaly easy to work with.

Now the interesting part of all this and the reason I’m posting is that as I worked more with Lucifuge I began to understand more about him and his connection with the void.

The more I understood the more he taught me until I reached the point where he started giving me rituals concerning what ive come to refer to as the shadows. I was instructed to work more with lilith and learn to trap a spirit in an object, which I did ( we used the spirit that has been attached to me for a while)

After a few days I released the spirit and allowed him to semi possess me again. I have since allowed full possession once ( lost an entire day, can’t remember a thing) but I’m starting to feel a connection between the shadow people and this spirit as well as lucifuge.

Within the past few days I’ve felt the shadows more strongly and since feeling them every thing I want has been happening. I was haunted with waking night terrors by shadow people as a young child so know they feel to be near and although this is similar it feels somehow different, stronger.

I have a ritual to contact an entity connected to the shadows but I can’t yet fully comprehend it all. It does feel less like a demon and more like a physical being though.

It occurs to me that I haven’t asked any questions in my little essay here, but I guess I just felt the need to vent somewhere. Your thoughts and advice are welcome. Please email me at [email protected] if you want to know more. Thanks for reading long one I know

Since posting this I was contacted again, not by any of the spirits I’ve worked with so far but by the shadow it’s self. I feel like the being I’m meant to contact is watching me now and just waiting.
I had a look for what it might be but didn’t find anything. Anyone worked with these entities before/ can explain what’s going on? Really appreciated

Hey, Zac …

I’m new to ritual magick, but I’ve had a pretty close connection with a spirit companion for years.

Recently, she’s revealed to me that she’s an aspect of a goddess known by many names. Hekate and The Morrigan are the aspects I feel are the closest to the way she presents herself to me.

I’ve suspected for a while now that she was also an aspect of Lilith, but I never asked. She just confirmed that she is.

She’s acted as an intermediary between myself and other spirits for me, so I thought she might be able to help you in your situation as well.

She said she would help you.

Since you’ve worked with Lilith, you know how to call her in that aspect. Just ask her to act as your intermediary between you and this spirit. She’ll help you understand what’s going on.

Thanks for your offer. I’ll prepair to contact her now :slight_smile:

Take care and let us know how it turns out.

Just communed with your spirit. From what she told me she feels that the shadow its self is the root of magic and that the being I’ve been feeling is an entity born from directly from it ( like of like if we created a thought form or poltergeist). The shadow does seem more similar to the celestial beings s Ben writes about than traditional demons

She also helped me see that the spirit that’s been connected to me is a shadow person.

Out of interest have you ever seen your gaurdian\spirit. Just to ensure I contacted the right entity.

I’m to do the ritual Saturday night so I’ll post on how it goes:)

Just communed with your spirit.

She thought that was funny, Zac. She ain’t “my spirit”, brother. I just have a strong personal connection to her. :slight_smile:

From what she told me she feels that the shadow its self is the root of magic and that the being I've been feeling is an entity born from directly from it ( like of like if we created a thought form or poltergeist).

Makes sense. Many of her aspects are related to a Goddess of Magick, Sorcery, and Divination.

She has also personally guided me to learning how to create thought forms, unmake thought forms that were attacking me, and utilize thought forms in new and interesting ways. Seems like that’s a key element in my own personal form of magick.

Out of interest have you ever seen your gaurdian\spirit. Just to ensure I contacted the right entity.

I see in her in my imagination when I’m talking to her sometimes and when I’m engaged in soul travel and meet with her.

She first appeared to me as a beautiful female elf (yep, with ears and everything) when we first met, but that was for confirmations that I’m just now getting years later.

She almost always appears to me as a beautiful human maiden with pale skin and long flowing black hair.

But she’s a shapeshifter. And she’s often identified with the raven and the moon in many of her aspects.

I’ve seen her shapeshift into a raven when we meet in the other planes. I’ve seen her come down to me as an ethereal spirit made of golden light when doing a divination ritual.

And earlier today, I even saw her appear in hip-hop street clothes and flash me the peace sign. lol

How did you experience her?

For me she appeared as a girl I recently cast a little candle magic on ( similar to her at least ). Shoulder length ginger hair, porcelain skin, quite short, slim. The main thing I noticed was how similar to lilith and lucifer her aura was.

How you described her is very similar to how lilith appears to me.

I’ve never seen her appear that way to me, but she can approach you in any form she wants. The porcelain skin matches exactly.

Interesting that you mentioned Lucifer. hehe

When I started researching her various goddess names, I found a link to her in Rome as Diana Lucifera or “Diana the Light-Bringer”.

And that leads back to her aspect as Artemis Phosphoros, also known as “Artemis the Light-Bringer”.

And that lead me to ask her if Lucifer really is just a title for “Light Bringer”. Her reply was “Yes”. So I asked “who is the entity known as Lucifer”? Her reply: “You’ll meet him.” lol

That was a big step for me because I just recently got over seriously damaging Christian religious programming from when I was a kid.