Need some Advice and Help

Hi Folks

In my Magickal Development i reached a state where with Magick i’m able to Manifest pretty much anything i want on the Physical Plane, All my Basic Need are secured,

My plan for my Future is well planed, I have my own Paradigm and Magickal Method that i use and that Work well for me, and now i’m on a State where i don’t know what to do next, Before coming to the Left Hand Path i was strongly in the Hindu Religions, like Vaishnavism, Saivaism etc… I add and used many of the Key Belief in my own Paradigm as well,

Basically i would like to add the Notion of Devotional Practice to my Paradigm toward a Deity Like Krishna and Shiva, but i really have no Clue how to do so while Keeping my Key Belief of Self-Deification and of Being the Master of my Own Existence,

Any Suggestion, Opinion or Advice will be really appreciated Thanks!

You really cannot do that, unless of coure you trqde spots temporarily like having multiple personalities. Two choices…worship another or become an Enthroned King!

Thanks for the reply, I still think its possible since in Magick we use so many things that seem to be completetly in opposition

Multiple Personalities. Use Hypnosis. Their called Masks or a Tulku Personality. However, you can only occupy one at a time.

Here is an idea my friend you are a god, they are gods so why not just talk to them as equals as you do demons, angels and other beings keeo your ideals rooted in self deification but at the same time working with the hindu gods. Not worshiping them but communing with them as equals thus maintaining your desire. People do this with Kali all the time im not sure if she is hindu or not. You just cannot be passive as the followers are but actively applying your will and aligning the gods of thag pantheon with your will. Thats all i can advise you otherwise you would be reverting back to square 1.

This is actually what i’m doing for the most part, Awalter i’m happy to see i’m not the only one, Thanks for the reply!

I see No contradiction between loving and even worshipping gods and goddesses (yes I mean Hathor!) and aspiring to command the powers of a goddess, in my own right. None at all.

The image I posted in a recent thread showed Ma’at, the force of order and natural law, worshipping Hathor, and I would lay odds on other images existing showing Hathor worshipping Ma’at.

Amor Vincit Omnia! :slight_smile:

Thank you Lady Eva for your Enlightening Reply, I was Also Thinking that it is not impossible and clearly possible to do so,

Try merging consciousness with the beings of your choosing.

in this topsy-turvy game of Inversion, i came to the very pleasing and statisfying conclusion that True LHP is, in fact, a True RHP, at least in a devotional sense.

The additions to the path you are in now, without revealing too much of that, is pretty much tipping the scale and making it balanced.

When it comes to the individual paths of our magical journeys, as I noticed, is lack of finding a balance to the paths we’re on. It’s often very dark or very light, putting the spirits on a pedestal of worships or deep down in the darkness of fear and resentfulness. And it’s too often within the male aspect, too. Where is the diversity in that?

We shouldn’t limit ourself, or others for that matter, by saying what we can or cannot do. What’s the point with magic, when doing so? Isn’t everyone’s experiences within their paths worth as much as anyone else, or their interpretation of said experience?

Neither above, nor below. Balance. That means working with the currents and aspect of male and female. Staying in the middle, but not exclude the dark and divine. Even a King or a Queen might want to be treated as a “normal” individual. You can’t treat them normal with formalities of someone above or below you. That only works in shorter stints. For the long run? Not so much. That’s how I see this.

Thanks for all those who replied to that Thread, I wanted to let you know that i succeded in adding Devotion to my Practice while always keeping my Core Belief in my own Godhood!

[quote=“Mephistor, post:1, topic:8161”]Basically i would like to add the Notion of Devotional Practice to my Paradigm toward a Deity Like Krishna and Shiva, but i really have no Clue how to do so while Keeping my Key Belief of Self-Deification and of Being the Master of my Own Existence,

Any Suggestion, Opinion or Advice will be really appreciated Thanks![/quote]

Hi my friend,

It is possible for magical practitioners to use both ritual (Intentional related ) and ceremonial rites that are performed out of appreciation for something, to honour what has already passed.

Ceremony is also a mark of celebration to appreciate what we have and show attention to the present as ritual is very much concerned with the future, as its intentions are geared to instigate an outcome.

You could quite easily set up a separate altar as a magical space devoted towards another entity. This would allow you to separate your ritual work from devotional rites. This altar could still be in the same room as your main work space but set up in a completely different way such as a shelf or hanging bird cage for example.

The presence of different altars allows you to separate your attention in others ways magically without disrespecting one for the other , or even putting one above the other.

Just make sure you look after this ritual space by keeping it clean and tidy > and most importantly, once you have finished with any rites there than please clean up and rectify the space back to how it is usually kept or this could be to your own detriment once the space has become active through usage, consecration or dedication.

I recently committed the same magical crime and I suffered in ways that many would call BAD LUCK, simply because I forgot to respect this very active space by rectifying it back to a more neutral state after ritual practice

Take heed of the above my friend as an activated altar devoted to either one or more entities must be respected and looked after, which is an act of devotion within itself.