Need protection or a spiritual ally?

I’ve noticed recently after getting a lot of good reviews on these spirits that not many people take advantage of my egrigore. These spirits can be made to fulfill ANY task and over time they will grow extremely powerful even to demonic levels if taken care of in the way I provide. If you’re in danger or have enemies you want revenge on, I can create a violent and malevolent egrigore which will kill or torture them beyond things most magicians are capable of. Do you have problems in relationships? I can create an egrigore which will find you women who legitimately love you and want to be with you. Magickal ascent and teaching are what I specialize in, I can make everything from sorcerer entities that can start training you in the occult to an entity who keeps your spirit bodies/chakras in perfect health…Now let’s say you buy one egrigore for teaching and realize that you need protection as well, then you can buy two but THE SECOND ONE IS HALF OFF. I only use the term egrigore because I don’t like the word familiar, these spirits are fully aware and conscious beings who constantly grow in knowledge and power. They have power over specific currents which makes them dangerous adversaries to your enemies.

I advise you take advantage of this offer and grab your egrigore today for the low price of $200 or two for $300. This includes all egrigore for any task, they all cost the same.

Payments by PayPal only, inbox me or email me at for details

If you’re sceptical just check out my recent reviews.’s-services!/msg25735/#msg25735’s-services-testimonial/msg25738/#msg25738

I have a question, what about those who are new or haven’t been able to reach magickal states of mind? Will it be useful for them as well?

Please let us know the prerequisites, if any, that one must have to use the egrigores.


Marid are the spirits you want if you’re unable to reach magickal mind states, an egrigore could bridge the gap but it could take a while. With an egrigore it isn’t necessary to evoke them though so they’ll still do their task. If you go with the feeding I detail to the buyers it will be potent enough to awaken you in about six months

Can you build an egrigore that would help with opening astral senses? Like clairvoyance? And can we only ask for one thing for the spirit to be proficient at?