Need personal help from E A Koetting

Hello E A,

I wanted to ask you that if personal consultation with you includes performing magick on my behalf to produce changes in my life rather than instructing me what to do.

Frankly speaking I need a top notch magician whose service I can afford to produce powerful changes in my life to help me keep my sanity up.I have been a lot of tantriks as I live in India.No one have been able to help me with my problems at all.So subconsciously I have lost all faith in magick.

Also truly speaking I wanted to ask this in the forum before consulting,coz I only earn 275 dollars a month out of my medical internship money here in India.I have to spend 150 dollars out of it for the consultation that too secretly.That’s coz no one in my family now believes in magicians and think them to be charlatans.

The only reason I trust you is coz Robert Bruce has been my idol as I have followed his methods ad developed lucid dreaming(sporadic nowadays),aura viewing in no time…but havent been able to master astral projection.His enery work methods work well for diseases too.Robert says u r a good friend of his,so I thought lets give a try.

If u understand my pain and disappointment from where I speak and give me a reply whether I can get a help from you,then I can safely go for a personal consultation from you.I also will state my problems if you reply to this post.I have no problems to state that yes I actually have lost belief in magick coz I havent seen results from magick though little hope lingers on.



Also I would like to know if E A identifies the problems of his clients by divination during consultation?I am not in a stable state of mind to do affirmations or evocation,neither do I have a proper place to do evocation…So please EA help me out…

A personal consultation consists of at least a full hour with E.A. showing you how to perform the rituals yourself, so you can get the results.

It does not include E.A. performing the magick for you. Hiring E.A. to do a ritual working costs several thousand dollars, depending on the job.

Also I would like to know if E A identifies the problems of his clients by divination during consultation?
If you'd like, he can do that.

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