Need opinons

This may seem trivial but do you get better success when you’re ritual area is in the dark during evocations? It seems to vary by entity but I haven’t done enough of them where I can make a solid conclusion either way…

When the area is dark it gets easier for me to get into another councious state. I heard the artificial light from lamps, specially white, they make you less sensitive for the spiritual world, same with television, etc.

interesting thanks… Ive had good experiences around dawn when light is just breaking, good experiences at night and during the day… but I have also had bad experiences at each of these times…

Yep, some people say they can not sleep without the television turned on. Some of these say they fear or feel disturbed or even "imagine’’ to see shadows observing them around the room when they are near to sleep.

I am pretty sure there is something there!

My mother is an example.

So is my fiance…though I think we have broken her of this horrid habit haha

Darkness is key in my opinion, especially when using a scrying mirror.