Need Opinion - Third Poem, should or shouldn't I?


"Not adjusting to life or the place you reside,
Body of a man but mind of a child.
Suppose I was bored but felt your eyes on my life and perplexed,
It’s requisite to having inner calm and content.
Is it lacking life skills or brainpower?
Is it the result of being spoiled and sour?
Never gaining status or money by your own merit,
But an ego from all the people you’ve slept with.
Home-hitting truths can bring us down.
You should see me in a crown."

Based on information I have intuited from myself and other sources about this narcissist, this is the third poem. People have told me he is in fact checking out my profile. And no he does not believe in magic at all. I don’t need to (and honestly really shouldn’t) be with this guy. Suppose I can scare/help him to evolve though.

I’m a little worried if he’ll message me outright, or if this will get in the way of my love spells. I need an opinion on whether this is worth posting. Feel free to intuit and channel, I’m gonna try my luck at it too since I’ve overcome some major personal blockages lately.

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@ebdr and @bunny4cam Not to be a bother but if you are interested in this project you’ve been a great help so far. And I’m really enjoying trading help for tarot reads since mine have been so on point lately.


you know i dont mind lol

I did a tarot spread and found out he would message me, that it would be positive and he’d apologise for things not working out before, but that it wouldn’t be a wish fulfilled (nine of cups in reverse) cause there’d be no game or him pursuing me.

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i see so what master said will come true then?

I’ve only heard what I’ve heard from you. But my attitude was probably getting in the way and I’ve finally managed to fix it by understanding that we aren’t meant to be, it was my delusion to deal with, though I can understand why the syncronicities fooled me.

stop doing tarot reads for yourself my Love
when you want to see signs, you see signs this is your call to the univers even if it’s not accurate
to me you have to be straight forward, don’t act like a teenager Huney

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the real question is why you’re pursuing someone you don’t want to be with/need in your life. if he’s a narcissist then why bother?

you seem to have been doing this for a while with few to minimum results. time to pack your shit up n move on.

also stop doing reads for yourself so much. bias gets in the way.

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This is just kinda fun for me okay.

What exactly is ‘fun’ about prying into someone’s personal life with no genuine motive besides the fact that you don’t want to be the one who was turned down? I’m all for love spells if the feelings are genuine but this completely throws that.

Cause I found out he’s actually awful, there are people like that out there and I’d know him better than you. You should leave convos about this and not think about it if it’s bothering you or against what you believe in.