Need magical advice

Hello im sorry for the long post and for all the questions. Im needing to do a soul retrieval but not shure where to start my research so i can learn what im doing.
Question 2 how do you keep your magical side out in the day to day. Whin im helping someone or doing workings like last night i feel so different but after im done that powerful filling goes away. Is there a way to be my magical self all the time or is it a when you need it type thing.

As far as soul retrieval i removed the negative spirits who took up residence in the gaps. My husband was in a convoy crash and has a TBI. Now i need to put the shattered shards back together. I also need to remove all the energy left from those negative beings. Where would i start with this. I currently have thim removed and he has protection to keep more frome coming in. So im trying to take my time and learn as this is not something i want to mess up.

Just being, perfect possession of one’s own body makes it easier to connect to your own energy when your not actively working it.

Vagal breathing is the thing I found easy to drop me into this state, followed by what do I taste, what do I hear, what do I see, what am I touching, what do I feel energetically all around me? The idea is not think or answer the questions but rather to just focus on the senses and sensations.

I did not think that being more firmly in my own body would help me with soul retrieval journeys and projection- but I read that it could and found that it does indeed make it so I can leave at will, rather than waiting on everything to align to do so.

Being more in tune like this means that there are fewer thoughts misdirecting the energy of any workings I’ve done, it makes me more likely to actually hear the spirits, if one enters my space I’m more likely to notice right away, I’m more likely to have things I just know and have no reason to know- all of it. All of the spiritual senses increase for me when I focus on just being in my body.

We can do it all the time, we often forget to taste the food we scarf down or to smell the flowers as we walk down the street, because we are so stuck in thought. It’s almost like a reality check, and I’ve noticed my lucid dreaming, dream recall without journaling, and other such skills are also easier/stronger.

The other thing is the magic doesn’t have to stop just because your not in ritual.

I do lots of silly looking things around my house, be it adding herbs for the properties to my cooking, washing my floor with herbs to assist in energetically cleaning up while I mop- etc.

I’ve seen things like people telling themselves every drop of water that flows over the body in the shower increases their magical skills. I personally use a servitor similar to Taylor Elwood, to capture the energy expended by every button touch on my gaming controller- which I later use for empowering servitors and adding extra ooomph to my rituals.

I use a servitors so that I don’t have to remember to direct the energy myself. Sometimes I’m playing videos games to help with lessening the thoughts, so I don’t want to have to direct them, I can focus on being or gaming. Whichever. :joy:

Now then as far as the rest goes… I do soul retrieval journeys and I’ve not had them all give what I wanted, even if they gave what the individual needed. I’d use caution if you aren’t experienced, as integration of lost fragments can seem to make someone revert, bring up their lost trauma and other things they might not be prepared to handle. So can removal of deep seated parasites- it can feel like your taking away what they think is a part of themselves.

Individuals undergoing this, may need both magical/spiritual support to understand why they suddenly had an old nightmare or something came back to life they thought was gone, as well real physical people to cry on their shoulder, or to keep them from doing something rash.

I was lucky in that I briefly had someone to cover all this and show me exactly how to do it in a way that I could- since I can’t visualize with aphantasia. I’ve still had times I’ve gone man, wish I’d thought this through better, or I wish I’d known that was the trauma or what it would bring up…

So, before you go diving with something your new to, I’d try divining if it’s something you can accomplish at your skill level, or if you need aid to do it.