Need insight

I recently was asked to help with a situation, I agreed. I went to meditate last night with no aim, I usually just go into my shadow world; just a small portion of my house. I noticed it was lit up inside, normally it’s dark. I found Raphael inside with light pouring out, my shadow council informed me it was just him and he just started doing that. I recently did the LBRP and asked them to stay, help heal my cold.

I tried to ask him what he was doing and he said no to everything, except being called Raphael. So I gave up asking, but the light turned to darkness, he morphed into a colossal dragon all shadow and said he was Dra’talon.

I’ve no idea who this guy was I thought he was in Solomon’s book, but no I had to dig here to find him and his purpose. Sure enough good for solving 'problems.`

He said these few things before he busted the ceiling and out the roof of my shadow house, before pulling me in a larger domain.

  1. My shadow house is too small now.
  2. He wants me to work with him or even partner with.
  3. Stop asking the angels to come in the LBRP, call him, azazel, king paimon, and bune.
  4. He would love to handle the issue

What’s your thoughts on this, it’s never happened and quite random.


Have you had successful workings with the archangels? If so, why would you turn your back on them to receive help from one you have not worked with, just so you can help someone win a fight that is not your own?

Personally, if any spirit told me to ignore other spirits in favor of it, I would actually disregard the request and move on. You have to ask yourself, “why would it want me to do that?”, “what does it have to gain?”. Some may, but I do not trust spirits in total, and I certainly cannot speak on their motivations.

I will say that out of the 4 it told you to call, I have found King Paimon to have no issues at all with angelic entities, so I would be suspicious if it was me.


I mostly ask them for cleansing, but they do not otherwise talk to me. So no workings beyond this.

So why is this one going out of it’s way to talk to you? Quo bono? It went from a form you thought you positively ID’d as Raphael, then morphs? So a few random thoughts…

Maybe it was Raphael, just feeling you out. If it was, I would not show trust just because of the attempted mind games.

Maybe it was Dra’talon. But again, I would show no advert trust because of the subterfuge.

Maybe it was an imposter, in which case the reasons to show no trust are pretty obvious.

I am not a spirit, and I do not pretend to know what motivates them, but I will go out on a limb and say that subterfuge is not a great way to start any healthy relationship that I would be interested in persuing.

Have you tried to evoke the same spirit again, or another to confirm identity of the one you encountered? Divination?

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Raphael does not play games like the OP described. I’m pretty sure it was not really him.


I see what you’re saying, thanks for the thoughts.

I intend to try and make contact again tonight.

I have noticed a lot of activity lately, seemed like something has been trying to talk to me, but than again I do live next to a cemetary.

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It was odd to say the least.

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That’s not Raphael.


My first thought it was, but it didn’t make sense so with the behavior and sudden morph, when it said yes to the name I put it aside because of the behavior with the other questions.

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. I did not want to push the point, but Raphael might actually be the one to ask on this one. It would be appropriate, seeing as whatever you spoke to went through such great lengths to drag Raphael’s rep and name into this for unknown reasons. Also, it went out of it’s way to cut Raphael out of the picture by suggesting you rework your LBRP by replacing his name.

Again, though, not to be trusted, IMO.


Had a lot of juice to push him out as well, the ramblings reminded me of someone in mental distress. My council seemed convinced it was Raphael. I asked them to perform a work, leave him be that’s when this happened he was bleaked out into grey foggy darkness and the dragon appeared.

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Raphael is a powerful archangel. He has no need for trickery or deceit. He is the Divine Physician, and it simply does not fit his modus operandi.


If you’re looking to protect someone, and work with archangels, Michael would be the one.

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Michael also heals.

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Not saying anything, but your shadow council assured you that it was only Raphael, or only one spirit in your astral temple (the latter would make more sense to me)?

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I invited them in via the LBRP for my healing afterwards I was not looking to heal anyone the actions were more unsavory. Council insisted it was Raphael.

The Book of Tobias/Tobit is the only book in which Raphael appears.
He instructs the lad how to drive evil spirits, including mentioned by name Asmodeus, out of a house.
There are incorrect sigils, including Koetting unfortunately, of the archangels.
My bet is an incorrect sigil was used, maybe thats why they assured you it was Raphael.
Or am imposter said to them “oh, not to worry, I’m Raphael.”

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But have you tried calling Raphael himself to ask? I’m just saying that when I need an answer I usually go straight to the one who can give it directly, first, before I take anyone else’s word as to that individual’s thoughts on a matter.

In other (mundane) words, if you were hearing that someone you know was spreading rumors, would you ask the person directly? I would.

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Exactly. For some reason unknown to me, astral tricksters can deceive in ways that the ‘real deal’ just cannot.

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I intend to tonight, daytime is a bit busy at the moment. I plan to ask him as well as this new character,

But it is peculiar, it did suggest growing my shadow world to accommodate it’s suggestions.

It also did bust a hole through my ceiling.

I’ve only had one other incident in my shadow world of an intruder. Different kind of presence, more threatening. This one was not, but yes as you said… the subterfuge.

I will be asking Raphael tonight.

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