Need to know what entity takes on the form of a fiery red orange cat as if on fire/in flames. Whatever it is is attached to someone I love and has been attached since early child hood. Trying to figure out what it is so I can get a circle together to send it back. Permanently.

I will suggest you get to know the spirit through invocation. Get some info to know if it is a healthy relationship. Might be a Guardian?

That can any being that can alter your perception to see it as anything it can even be a thoughtform they created and attached to them.

No. Extremely malevolent. Refuses to give a name. NOT friendly what so ever. All ready caused another close friend to go off the deep end a year ago.

Well definately had something tonight. Hears something chittering like a small animal but its movement sounded larger and heavier than a deer. Thinking this is an act of intimidation.

May I ask if your friend is from a specific culture? I know a lot about cat spirits, deities, what have you. Narrowing it down to a certain culture/region would really help.

German and polish blood but American born.

strangely, the closest thing I find is Japanese: