Need Help!

My situation is too long to explain in this post but wanted to talk to someone who has used love spells or entities that have had proven and fast results In rekindling love between two people or repairing broken relationships.

My situation is critical so time is not on my sideAnd being new to this I don’t have a lot of experience built up.

Please PM me if you can help and I can explain my situation in more detail

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I wish you luck. Same situation and virtually tried everything, with no movement at all. Be prepared for a tough battle. :+1:

Thanks. May I ask what you have tried to this point?

Jars, candles, paid for spell casters, now trying to will it myself through sigil work…performed the master curse, in the middle of ritual to break up a relationship etc etc!!

Thanks. I have tried a few of those as well, even the spell casters. Trying the sigil and petitons now.

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If you make any break throughs, let me know!!!

Sitri or Duke Dantalion…they have always worked for me when I was trying to mend a relationship of any kind

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What roots have you put on them, can you name them for us as you said you’ve tried virtually everything :slightly_smiling_face:

Love spells is trying mind change/control and changing universal laws.

First of all Universal laws won’t change fast. Secondly if another’s persons will/higher self is strong enough, it won’t work.

And then the positive thing is, if you really want something and you have good intend and your spiritual aligned. Manifestation can occur. So don’t give up.

On the other hand, it can be for a specific situation that something else will come for you and that the current situation doesn’t have your best interest

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And the best thing. In spells and in love is to forget it. Don’t focus on it anymore. The moment you have the strength to stop focusing magick starts working.

I’m unfamiliar with the term roots. Can you explain? I’m relatively new to this, but have put in so much work for approx 3months. Thanks!!

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When you use specific roots like liquorice root or calamus for example

I haven’t used any roots and have never heard of it before!!

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Oh okay!!!

Do you use it? Any successes? Wish to elaborate?

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PM me