Need help

I didn’t have a better title for this, sorry.

I want someone to realize how bad they’ve treated me, wanting them to feel my pain, get them to realize what they’re taking for granted and be really scared of losing me.
I myself did the same mistake as they are doing now which they’re not realizing and I don’t want them to realize things when it’s too late… I don’t want them to regret the same thing as I did.

Is there a spell, entity or something for that? I didn’t know what to search for so I decided to make my own post about.
I just want to know what spell, entity to evoke or something else to get this done.

Thanks in advance, just remember that you are amazing and I wish for you to find happiness and a love that never dies. I have no idea who’ll read this but just know that I want you to be happy and safe. Please spread love and happiness to others, you never know how much someone needs it :heart:


Well, it depends…I mean King Paimon may be able to help you there depending on the situation. I suggest you to summon him or Lucifer and ask them for their help.

Also, thanks for your kind words. :slight_smile: