Need help

I did 6 rituals with Eubatel by using path working method and today i feel very ill, I feel i have a fever,
I did offer my energy to olympic spirit last night too

I taking medicine now, What is my problem?
May be i practiced too much middle pillar (3 time a day)
And since i serious practice magick, I cant sleep well in night, I lost lot of weight
Should i take a break from magick?

I think the spirit must have taken your offer too literally. You need to be more careful, to next time say something like I offer you energy that I can spare take no more then you need and not more then I can spare without ill effect on me next time.

You might be advised sick or not to try commanding them to cease or to perform a simple ritual to call them back (if your sick and drained they’re likely still there draining energy from you and with authority say something to the effect of you have taken your fill and more then your fill I can spare no more at this time cease consuming and let me recover now. Now go leave me to recover our ritual is over.”

Personally I suspect a parasite came through whether it pretended to I be the one you called or simply stayed to take up your offer and feed off you once the spirit you called left I don’t know. What I do know is you need to address it as soon as possible as being weakened can put you at greater risk of accidental injury and catching germs like the flu. It could also in theory drain you dry of energy until you expire.

Regardless of if there’s a parasite or the spirit is taking too much you need to Ofer it to cease that it has taken too much you can spare no more now. The offer of energy it finished (I think some would say “it is finis. Fait acomplais”). If it’s the spirit you called It will likely understand. If it’s parasite it will likely cease draining for now if ordered because it’d defeat its purpose of feeding off you if it kilt you. If you do nothing and let the drain continue unabated you are jeopardizing your well being.
Edit add: also banish.

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In my opinion, you are likely burned out from energy overload. I suggest taking a break from all magick for a few days in order to recover and allow your energy to stabilize.


Thank you so much, i think i will stop offering energy and working with angels of Omnipotents (They are so dangrerous ), I dont have that problem while i was working with archangel and Lucifer and hidden demon

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Thank you for relying, i feel better now by using your phrase , They were taken my energy too much

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Definitely take a break. You don’t want to have to take medication to practice magic or to recover from it. Be mindful of parasites. Always stand up for yourself. Don’t take shit from ANY spirit.