Need help!

In my last post I described about how i had the vision of lucifer asking me for blood offering. So i did that ritual. I did the offering and buried the sigil in earth(soil)


After that whenever i try enchanting his enn or meditating on his sigil I don’t his his energy anymlre. I don’t feel his presence anymore like I used to feel it before
To make sure about what’s happening .
I made a pendulum by my own sticked it and while trying to summon lord lucifer i asked him to move it for me (the pendulum) to show his presence.

Since i am new to the things i was doing it my way. (Kindly tell me if i did something wrong) but i felt nothing again.

Kindly direct me to what to do ,or can someone close to lord lucifer ask him to forgive me if i dod something wrong and ask him to connect back with me.


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Work on yourself…I say this to most people when asked… You still have work to do I feel… We all learn each day with these spirits. Nothing wrong with what you tried to do… Work on your psychic abilities… In order to feel, see, hear and commune with him or any other spirit. I don’t feel he is angry with you but waiting and observing. Don’t give up. I have stumbled a lot many times…picked myself up and tried again.

Also…King Lucifer and other high ranking daemonic Lords and ladies are patient with beginners. So don’t worry about him being annoyed or anything. Try again. Try the search button…there are many people working with him…
All the best :+1:t2:


Also keep the sigil…I know most say that it’s ok to discard the sigil but it’s better to keep it…don’t get down on your self and try again if you use the pendallum method make sure your holding it so that it swings freely…

You said that AFTER you did the ritual, you did not feel His energy ANYMORE. Did you feel His energy before the ritual ?

Yes, i am preety sure i used to feel his energy whenever i used to enchant his enn.
Not anymore