Need Help!

Hi guys! I’m not active here much anymore but I do have a situation here and I know the BALG community is always a place to go in a serious time of need.

My mother is hospitalized right now and unfortunately most likely with the virus. Shes been terribly sick for weeks and is somewhat stable in the hospital now. She is stable, but no improvement has been shown since she i dropped her off. I’m honestly worried as fuck. For those who remember me, I’m extremely good at doing to my own magick, but this situation has me foggy headed. I cant concentrate properly bc, well, its my mother.

When I try to do healing Magick whether it be evocation, planetary, etc… I just can’t get to the state that I must get to in order to successfully perform a working. Negative thoughts begin to fill my head and anxiety takes over.

I am calling on the BALG fam to please help heal my mother from any existing viruses that is in her body.

No offense, but I’m seeking the help of a vet here. Not a newbie trying to practice magick. This is too close to home to let anybody perform anything on my mom while she’s in such a weak physical state.

Any help is appreciated.



Ah damn,I would try to help but since you are looking for someone experienced, which I respect that, many things can go wrong, I can only offer some bumping on this thread and blessings to your mom, and you should request a test for yourself too.


Hey my dude, i just got your message. I will be happy to do some magick on behalf of your mother. I planned on doing some workings on the last day of March/1st of April, so at that time, i will work something in on behalf of your mother.


Thanks man. If you can do it sooner that would be great. I’m freaking out. I need her lungs to get healthy fast.

But of course whenever you are able. I respect your schedule

Yeah I’d like to do it sooner but i’m not near any of my implements and ritual space atm. I’m back and forth trying to help family through this, so i wont be able to do much magick for a least a couple days.

P.S. can you PM me your mothers name? Probably dont need it but…you never know

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It seems to me you need to overcome your fear. That is what holds you back from mastering this situation. You don’t need a veteran, you should take up the challenge, do not give up, push beyond.


I try to DM you but when I click your name and avatar it says your profile is private. You can DM me and I can respond.

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Trust me you’re right but right now I rather deal with my fear later and have someone who has 0 emotional attachment help me. Leaders always know when it’s time to let someone else lead the way man. I’m not mentally capable right now and my moms life is way too important to me right now to be prideful in my magickal ability. Appreciate the advice for sure.


sorry to hear about your mom…i am not a vet as you’re looking for . but ill light a candle for her and send some prayers over. stay strong.

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I will take all of the magick I can get. Speaks a lot about your character doing that for a stranger.

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Take care dear. Very sorry to hear about your mom. I will pray to Lord Ganesha today for her recovery. Lord Ganesha is called ‘ Sukh-karta, Dukh-harta’ …which means Lord who brings joy, removes sadness and all obstacles.
I am sure he will help you.

Pls keep us posted on your mom’s health.

Take care and be strong!

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Please say the prayer. Thank you very much

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Just msgd to check on your mother’s health.
Is she better?

Slight improvement but no. Still incubated

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I’ll do magic for your mom. I think the anxiety and fear is holding you back in this mess. Just maybe for now try to focus on some meditation if you can. And if you were to ever get around to evoking anyone Lord Uphir is a good one. Im currently working with him and planning to work with other healing beings to help stop the spread of the virus. So along with it im going to send magic your mom’s way. I wish you both the best in things!


Let me know if you need her info.