Need help with undoing a complex family curse

Hi all.

I suspect my best friend is under the influence of a powerful curse. Certain sudden and terrible events have transpired over the past 5-6 years and she is right now at the weakest point in her life.

The house that she grew up in (which her late father built from the ground up) was apparently constructed on sacred land/temple to a local Hindu goddess. This may not be the case, but I have a feeling that whatever was dwelling in that place put a curse on her family (which is Muslim) for desecrating the land.

Post her father’s sudden passing (the facts of which are still veiled in secrecy), her extended family tried to bring in a Muslim priest to see what’s going on with the house and he was very sure that there was a djinnic entity there. Her mother passed 5 years prior from cancer.

After my friend left the country, her nightmares increased tenfold. There is always a theme of something that is immensely more powerful than her stalking her wherever she goes. Now some of this can be due to her already existing psychological complexes and fears, but within the context of everything that is happening it’s difficult to ignore.

I personally work with Kali Ma and feel like she would be perfect for a curse-breaking ritual, but I don’t really know where to start with this. Are there any previous rituals or models of curse-removals I can refer to before jumping into it on my own? Is there any precaution I need to take before I make the call? I’ve heard some people say that the angered entity or spirit can come after the magician, but my intention is more to propitiate it and release it respectfully.

Advice would be appreciated.


M no expert .but I have a similar case.

I’d say start with protection.

But the case sounds deeper than it seems .


Pretty nutty situation sorry I can’t be of any help my only thought is to try to make an offering to the spirit but sounds like your really far away from the house. Best of luck on your endevour I’d definitely start casting protection magic on yourself. But there is a good chance my option it will accept youR dismissal because the person who built the house and his wife are allready dead and she doesn’t live there anymore sounds fair that the spirit would be able to let go if approached.

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The secrecy and lack of information really makes this a hard one to crack. Not to mention that any magickal remedies would essentially be considered as blasphemy in her faith.

First thing to do is her cleansing, of course, also cleansing the house she lives.
If you have a connection with Kali, ask her for her support for removal of the curse. Just make a petition or a call and ask her help.
Meanwhile you can do a spell for revealing who has done the curse.
Consult with Tarot or other divination tools.
Your friend can also take a cleansing salt baths - they won’t help alone, but they can be useful.
And the protection is the last thing to do.
First remove the curse, cleansd her and then do a protection.

what was his take on the matter ? how it go about it ? if u can disclose that information on the forum. no pressure .