Need help with understanding my dreams

4/5 month ago I asked Dantalion for help with my ex. However since then whenever I would evoke him or any other demons I would have dreams about me being in a relationship with a certain guy (not my ex, I know this guy, we’ve been into same parties few times before and went to the same college, we never had any relationship or anything like that). And now whenever I do magic I keep seeing him in the dreams (in them he is always making moves and says he is in love with me). Also the feeling I get from those dreams are very different, like I know inside that there is something more to it. The explanation that he is in love with me doesn’t really work, because I’m 100% sure thats not the case. He never tried anything and we barely talked (thats not how he acts with girls he likes). So im just very confused. After every single ritual I see dreams with him.

Sometimes dreams are just dreams. Sometimes you need to be able to get into the head of the dreamer, to have any idea why they dreamt something.

Sounds like a subconscious thing, if it keeps coming up. Your brain could be using the image of the other person to show you, that your target is not the one you should be with. That doesn’t mean the guy in your dream is the right one, just that your subconscious is picking up on the fact that things aren’t going to work out with your ex and your wasting time, so it fills it with an image of someone else rather than your target.

I’ve head dreams where my boyfriend appeared as a female. I’ve head dreams where I was a guy, I mean dreams are not universal.

The best thing you could do imop is start a dream journal, write down every dream you can remember every morning. Over time you will be able to put things together, and comprehend what you’re dreams mean to you more.

The other thing is while dreams are sometimes nothing more than dreams, usually if I am having a dreams along the same lines over and over, there is a message I am not getting or I am ignoring it.

For the rest of the dreams, I tend to either know Wow that was a whacky dream or Oh boi, I need to look harder at something. I think the newbies here, and even some of our older practitioners get too into dreams might be something, and asking for help, as they tend to be very personal. There can be times you mind taps into that universal dream meaning, but often they do not, and the only way to clear it up is to know thy self.