Need help with love triangle

So starting off keep in mind I am new to magick I have studied for years recently started practicing. So my ex and I broke up a few months ago after 6 years and we were kinda seeing each other again and then she disappeared on me. A week later she is totally different from the last time I saw her. Long story short she met another guy and that’s why she disappeared so she keeps talking to me and acting like she wants back together and I believe she does but I also believe this new guy is manipulating her he doesn’t believe in our world. So I tried an attraction spell and it worked then it turned sour… can’t force someone to love you but I’ve also been told that splitting them up at this point would have a negative rebound. So my question is what can I do? Again I know about a lot but not in good detail so I’ll understand whatever I’m told but I’m still learning how spells actually work. So any ideas?

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I’d advise moving on from her. I’m feeling a lot of confused, and honestly toxic emotions coming from her. You don’t want those following you around, and I feel like eventually she’ll return to him anyway, no matter what spell or work you do on her. Sometimes people aren’t meant to stay in our lives, and I know for a fact, nobody is “meant” for you. No deity or higher being engraved the universe with “x person is meant for x person”.