Need help with invoking Azazel

I tried to do an invokation to Azezel and a rite to both Azazel and Lucifer and i think i failed as i didnt feel i made any contact

I don’t know what i did wrong.

It’s still likely you made contact. It’s ok if you didn’t feel anything. It sometimes takes a while working with the same entities to be able to feel, see and hear them.


The thing is, Azazel contacted me a while ago and told me that if i want to invoke my Darkness and Shadow, i should contact him so i do not understand why i am unable to contact him.

Would you recommend me to continue this rite daily?

Yes of you have the time.

Burning a candle and focusing on the flame may help as well if your not already doing that.

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I light candles, put incense and draw blood on Azazel’s sigil.

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Good. Sounds like your going in the right direction just be patient with yourself :slight_smile:


Try doing your own thing instead of someone else’s ritual. Azazel is always there; it’s a matter of being aware of his presence. Try calling/inviting him. Keep it simple.



Practice evocation and Invocation

Any good guide?

If you can’t afford E.A.’s courses, YouTube is your friend.



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