Need help with dream about belial

hi i had a dream about belial i know for sure that it was a message but i can’t understand it couse my 3’rd eye isn’t open enough and this dream feels really important so anybody who can help and understand it anyway i would be really really grateful!!

so here goes…

in the dream i was playing a quest game(exit rooms games kinda)so the mission in this game was to bring to life huge,giant statue i later in the dream found out it was belial now he had his face(looked like an ox with horns)the upper body was stuck in rocky ground and the legs and the arms were missing and he was “turned off”…so through clues i had to open 3 doors in the rooms find 4 keys(purple/pink half green colors) and unlock places which was the arms there. so i manage to accomplish it in 2 doors out of 3. i assembled the arms and the statue woke up and(i knew somehow at that moment that he was belial and he tried to get up but he couldn’t 'couse the legs were missing, so he asked me:bring me my legs! .they were at door 3 i opened it but i didn’t get the chance to get in,so there was this staircase where the charcater had to be. ther i sort of made it jump not to the staircase but to fall
and well, died so i had one life out. was about to star again and get the lges but the dream ended before i could finish the game.and another hint in the dream part was that his upper body was in the ground(land) but the legs(where i should have completed it were in water(sea) and belial sent me all sort of teaching to the cell phone and some riddles but i woke up before i could read all that…i was soooo disappointed when i woke up like why the dream wasn’t longer???

help? please??? and thank you for reading!!!