Need help what kind of magic is this called

So I was going through the guide of goetia and found magic I can learn that I forgot about…

Hydromancy (the working with water if I’m not mistaken)

Pyromancy (working with fire)

What about the other two elements earth and air?

I cants remember the name for the life of me for either…I want to learn certain things to connect and control among other verious types that I’ve chosen to work on…like animal communication (learning how to speak to them)

Communication in general (as what it says…)

Continue trying to work on astral travel and lucid dreaming
Develop my senses all of them I can feel now and hearing is in the works I believe…

But I want to try a mancy that has to do with earth elemental magic cause I feel like it would be a good thing for me since I’m an earth sign

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Pyromancy Is using fire to look into the future. I think what your trying to look for is the different types of kinesis. Pyrokinesis, atmokinesis (which I think generally involves controlling wind or general weather). Geokinesis is earth manipulation.

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Geomancy and Aeromancy :slight_smile:


Geokinesis that’s what I was thinking of thank you

So if geokinesis is the manipulation of Earth what is goenancy what does that do

Mancy = more like divination :slight_smile: I was just completing your missing 2 LOL

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A form of divination from configurations seen in a handful of earth thrown on the ground, or by interpreting lines or textures on the ground.


Ok I get it I will add this to my list to cause that sound very interesting that and hydromancy


No worries anytime.

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