Need help urgent

People are exposing my business that i am selling fake stuff when i am distributing duplicates, any ritual or spells i should do??

What fake stuff are u selling

Skateboards, and i could get into deep shit with the law, im trying get rid of these people what do i do?

Oh so copyright laws? Do you have experience with spirits? I would contact koetting or one of the ritual for hire on balg. I would help but I’m not taking work from balg out of respect for them

I do have experienc with lucifer and clauneck

Belial will help you. Do you know how to charge a sigil?

yes i know how to charge a sigil, but damnnn belial tho? ive heard so much about belial being very harsh

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Yeah he is harsh but once you pass through his flames makes laws can’t touch you. I know from experience

what can i expect?

and what do i do with his sigil?

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Timothy oked me posting but if you must have it I will

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not new to magick, been practicing for awhile now, only havent faced such problems require advices and input… Thanks!

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