Need help transporting all of my soul into the Astral

Hi there. Yeah, there are a lot of topics on people asking for advice on astral projection, but I can’t find the answers, and I’m soooo close.

You can refer to my other thread about Azazel’s training if you want context, but the gist is that every time I keep getting incredibly close to astral projection, but I only seem to transfer about 50% to 60% of my consciousness out into the astral, and I can still feel my physical body. This disconnect is causing a lack of full immersion in the astral plane, like when I arrive everything is clouded in mist/ static/ the same grey value. I can sense things, but that’s about it, like looking through a visor.

The main problem is whenever I try to do this, the soul below my chest is able to walk around, and then my shoulders and head seem to be stuck in my body. I’ve only been close to getting this part of my soul to rise out of my body, when I become extremely relaxed, but that state is hard to enter for me and not always guaranteed.

Also, the rope method does not work for me.

Any advice? So far, I can only do soul travel, and I need to be able to immerse myself to continue my training…