Need help to know if a friend of mine is still alive or dead

I dont know if i should put itnin divination or ascended masters because i need help regarding both the use of divination and soul travelling.

I spoke with a friend recently and later that day i was told that he had died, that he had been sick for about a week. I dont know where he lives so i cant visit him to confirm. But i have his pictures and name but i cant astral project or soul travel. Neither am i good in evoking spirits or hearing from them. I really need help to know if he is still alive or dead. Can you all act as family and friends and help me with this.


Just perform a divination. There’s a few methods available to you, but in this scenario, I recommend the book of fate.

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I’ll help. Pm the pictures.


I said i am not good in divinations.

Thank you very much.

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Book of fate doesn’t really require that much skill in divination, that’s why I suggested it. If you can focus on a goal ( or in this case a question ), and put the act of drawing lines out of your head, you can use the book.

Eva made a post on it a while back

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Okay thanks.