Need help selling my soul to satan

New to this website and want a reliable technique to sell my soul, I don’t wanna mess things up. If you can help it would be appreciated, thanks.


Welcome. Please take a moment and post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

After introducing yourself, please avail yourself of the search function in the upper right. You will see that no spirit wants your soul. This isn’t a Hollywood movie. Selling your soul won’t make all your dreams come true.



Why do you want to sell your soul? What are the reasons behind it?

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If you manage to sell your soul, I suppose you won’t be able to mess things more than that!


That would be the biggest way to mess things up, as @Anassa says! :slight_smile:

Also, please do intro as requested, it’s one of our rules and also, very helpful to get you some actually useful advice. :+1:


What can I say except I’ll give you tree fiddy for it. oh and a bag of funions.

Jokes aside, you can’t sell your soul. No entity wants it.Just go here and get this good read.

just got to reinforce this topic.


Damn, man, you got all the goods. Want mine in exchange for some Pringles? They’d have to be BBQ flavour though or the deals off.


Wtf I hate that so much. lol
didn’t mean to withdraw it


I guess that means the deal is off. And I was so looking forward to enjoying my Pringles :frowning:


Restored. I am wizard. :smiley:

And @petals you will be wizard too, we just want you to not be on here in 6 months talking about how your life’s out of control because you sold your soul, it happens a LOT around here, people over-pledge because Hollywood gives fake info. :wink:


I honestly want to know what is the appeal of sealing away your afterlife in exchange for some short term gains.


Because that is what religion teaches them.

To religion, the material world doesn’t matter, it is only the afterlife that counts, so, of course, it is only by “selling” your afterlife, that you can improve your material circumstances.


Once Christianity got exposed, I didn’t think fondly of it anymore because I didn’t like how you follow this one person for literally no reason. Kind of funny to be honest.

Basically like “Oh if you don’t follow me I will cast you down to hell”

But unfortunately that stuff is engrained in my mind because of how long I’ve heard and known it. Even when I did the letter of intent ritual. I couldn’t stop shaking, like something bad was going to happen. Which everything is fine and it has been fun.

This forum broke me out of that enigma really, hearing all of those stories with these entities. Doing things that you wouldn’t expect if you had those Christian beliefs.

Sorry if I ranted. lol


If you live in the Western world, then the Christian ethos is woven into the very fabric of the society you live in, even if you did not grow up within an obviously religious household. It is in music, it is in movies, it is in law. It is almost inescapable.

And remember, Jesus never said, “follow me or else.” That was, and is, the Church, which was founded, not on the teachings of Jesus, but those of Paul.


Yeah, it is impossible almost. Especially in Texas.

It is the church who says that basically. With Christianity being woven into society you are shunned and are made an outcast by everyone if word gets out. To be honest, If my family finds out I am not sure what they would do. But I’d rather not test that.


I don’t think that’s accurate:

“Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.” - Jesus, John 3:18.


I stand corrected.


It is hard to get the Xtain brainwashing out of your head, but apparently, there is some new book out about how the Catholic church is just gay sex magick, probably the kind of stuff that Crowley hinted at in his stupid O.T.O degrees.

Anyway, the whole selling your soul stuff is just bs. Demons will accept all kinds of pacts that have nothing to do with giving up your ethical guidelines, in fact I don’t believe ethics come from gods, but from humans living in human societies trying to make them work.


E.A Quote:

“Why would Satan want to buy your Soul? First, make it valuable, - before you even think of something you don’t understand of, yet.”



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