Need help naming hidden gods

Hey everyone.

I need some assistance trying to find out the names of hidden gods.

Last night I was dreaming and all of a sudden I was sucked out of my body and heard “how can you hear us.” then I started to fall and I heard “We are the hidden gods.” This was chanted about 4 times.

I already know that Amaymon could be apart of my experience since he is known to be a hidden god. I have never evoked Amaymon but I might evoke him because of this experience.

Does anyone know any other hidden gods?



Bumping. I have no advice but you should ask Amaymon if he is one. Possibly you could uncover something big.

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Yeah thanks for the advice :smiley:

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I mean technically Amaymon is known to be a Demon/Daemon not a hidden God, he is often confused with the Primordial God Amon who is a Hidden God, he often shares the title the hidden one with his wife Amunette as they represent the first Primordial Light in terms of the Egyptian pantheon as Kuk and Kuaket represent the first Primordial Darkness, and Nun/Nuit the primordial void.

Amayon and Amon aren’t the same beings.


@Velenos do Amon and Amunette have they’re own created species like Set and the setian’s?

I always found Amon and Amayon to have very different energy. I would say they’re both very different beings.
I would think the hidden god’s are the not widely talked about primordial god’s and goddesses, perhaps a few later generation deities not mentioned or talked about, a few come to mind.


Not sure, Primordial Gods tend to do their own thing and stay out of the “spot light” like their younger generations. If they do it would be in their own realm, I’ve been to kek and kauket’s realm and they have their own shadow people, while Nyx’s shadow people feel very chaotic in their vibes, kek and kauket’s feel more calm and serene.

Yes Amayon is a dark energy being/demon, while Amon is a literal embodiment of light with solar aspects as Ra is the embodiment of Solar.

However, hidden gods can be considered the gods that aren’t mentioned in myth or not part of the well known pantheons as well.


I have met a forgotten dark lord before. Could you try thinking about their aspects? For example, love, healing, darkness, justice, etc. That can you help you narrow it down a lot. You could also talk to a demon who tells the past or one who tells the truth (Ose and Orobas are good) if you really wanted to. Just stay safe!

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I met an unknown deity by the name of Sinsir.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hold on to him long enough to learn much about him at all. He seemed malevolent, though.

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I know some hidden gods. Could you tell me more about your experience with them? Did you see them? What did they feel like?


Ok thanks. So the first part as i said I heard how can you hear us. But for some reason the beings speaking were from a mural type wall? When I started to fall it was black but while I was falling I could see some murals. The murals look like jelly people talking. The energy felt powerful-I was also spazing out and I felt powerful tingles all over my body. The voice sounded quite demanding when they were saying “we are the hidden gods.” That’s basically it.

Look at this sigil do you think the energy is the same? I don’t know how many refer to themselves as Hidden, but these have always said they are the Hidden Ones. Another name I have for them is SUENEDER but they both feel more like titles than names.


Amazing thanks!!! :grinning:

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Check this out too Its more information they have given to me. Not of them specifically but it might still prove useful.

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What exactly are the SUENEDER?

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They are the deities of all things unknowable and forgotten. They are literally hidden ones. Because of that I really know very little. I know they have sort of a reverse akashic records you can access. They explained this to me the first time I met them (they are the unknown and since there is always things unknown they are everywhere).

I have some hypothesis relating to that second link I posted but its best not to speculate too much.