Need help in my current situation


Sorry! Just saw Darkestknights post and he’s normally shit hot on that kinda stuff.


Yeah I actually have worked with the Lwa and I am working with Rosier, I did not say I was scared of anything so I’m lost as to why he felt the need to attack me and say what he did.


It’s cool, I just made sure I introduced myself before making a post for information.


Don’t worry about it. Just crack on with what you need to do.
I’ve worked with Lord Rosier and he’s probably one of the best for relationships in my eyes.


Awesome thank you, I appreciate it.


Thank you for that, I am actually not new to magic, I just felt like I should experience different paths because I don’t believe in just one. Just wasn’t sure why I was getting bashed, especially when I’ve already stated in my into that I’m working with Rosier.


What do you mean “normally?” I am always shit hot :rofl: :rofl::rofl:

(the intro prompt was meant for someone else, NOT Lunadark)


Oh yeah so it was! I amend my statement from ‘normally’ to ‘invaribly’ and beg your forgiveness! :kissing_heart::joy:


Olive Branch extended.

Ask anyone here, I can come across as a bit abrasive. But all are welcome here, you can be a Christian that wants to teach us about Angelic magic, or you can be the blackest of all black Black magicians trying to tell us that we’re not being evil enough in our ways, all are welcome here. This is, after all, a forum where people discuss magick, and magickal schools of thought.

No hate has been sent, nor was any received.


Remember the question is always new and fresh and urgent to the person asking it.

Be a laugh if a doctor said “why is my surgery full of all these whiny sick people?” :crazy_face:

This is a magick forum, people are not accountable for what the other people before them posted, and of course people are going to ask how to do magick on life’s biggest issues, so… :thinking:

@Lunadark if you stick around you’ll see this happen, it’s something that bothers some people and not otjers, but there’s nothing wrong with your post and I hope you find happiness. :+1:


So my situation has tanked, I asked my target about the other woman and he said she’s a potential client. How would I know that if he doesn’t communicate correctly with me. He says he loves me, but that I’ve shown a side to him that he doesn’t want and he blocked me from contacting him. Who can I contact to fix this mess? Yes I want it fixed, he’s being unreasonable. I am working with Dantalion to change his mind, but I feel the need to work with more. I’m still feeling my working with Dantalion more today than yesterday. I got increased heart rate, dizziness, almost panicky, felt warm then cold. Is that normal? Also the candle flame kept jumping and making noise. I would appreciate any help in this matter. Thank you!