Need help in fixing my relationship

So a year ago, I petitioned Duke Dantalion to get my ex that I haven’t spoken to in a few years to communicate with me and fall back in love with me, which she did, only after a month of talking.

I was really happy however things have started getting a little toxic since last September - she’s telling me that she’s going to murder me in graphic details, assault me, leak my nudes, out me to my family etc. I really want this and the constant arguing to stop. I’ve tried getting away from her and cutting ties but tbh I just want our relationship to be healthy again (also I’m too scared to leave lol).

Any advice on how to fix our relationship?
I’ve tried everything that I possibly can to get her to stop acting this way but it’s like she’s not herself when we’re arguing and she gets mad at the smallest things so I decided to turn to magick.

I don’t think that’s viable.

It’s sounds like she’s psycho. OR something about what you did or something about being in a relationship with you makes her psycho.

It could very well be that her behavior is a manifestation of her will fighting whatever you’ve put on her.

People aren’t puppets that’ll play along perfectly.

Do a cord cutting ritual, breakup and cut your losses.

You’re better off moving on imo.

You may want to call Dantalion up and be like, “hey, dude. I want OUT! I didn’t think it’s be like this, get me outta this!”

Unless you like someone telling you how they’re gonna murder you. Your call.

Be careful what you wish for


Magic is not always the answer, try couples therapy if she is willing. Though it does sound like circumstances have most definitely become toxic which is no surprise as you have forced the relationship. Just be careful maybe work with a celestial spirit they can give good advice on relationships.