Need help in evoking Shashtan

Just like what EA does in his video, I started by first gazing into the sigil, squinting my eyes a bit, breathing slowly & attepmting to get into the theta-gamma state. After that, I set up the fire, and tried to find/visualize any entity or spirit in it but I saw nothing.

I don’t remember exactly the time period but I must have tried for 90 minutes to 120 mintues . In between, I also got myself drunk with the notion that I may be able to see the entity with a more relaxed mind but nothing came up.

Any suggestions/ideas?

I don’t know if this might help- but just an idea/metaphor…

thinking of the old-style radio-frequency knobs… if you just scan different stations quickly without being sure what you are seeking (not a sense of what the “station” sounds like while you’re looking and secondly a ‘process’ that is comparing what you ‘hear’ as you spin-receiving to that… to recognize?) -same idea if flipping rapidly channels on TV/Satellite etc (assume in both cases you don’t have a number showing you what station you are on, nor a logo in the corner or something) third ex- randomly jumping to unknown websites…
contrast this to getting a “recognition” ah this seems familiar (and like walking in a crowded area- Major Event- to meet someone in crowd- how find? but if they are on the cell-phone with you, saying they are by XYZ… and you say you are by ABC… they see you… turn left… etc.)

-or another extreme, having a GPS or current location to “goal” location… and it gives you on-track off-track… Warm-Cold (Marco… Polo…)

In other words- a “cell phone” connection first being- just a general sense of being in the MindSpace of (do you mean Sastan (of KoF)? or Shashtan different?)- and once have that “vib” and a sense of connecting/overlap to your MindSpace (how that Entity connects to where/how you are at)… thus access that connecting as you re-attune (ie tuning the radio dial… like following the pointers of a compass- think of “cleaning up an audio signal” adjust this gain… reduce that distortion- etc… which helps to have the guidance of what it is like, but it opens it to a whole new Contact.

(vs reaching out blind- as ex EA doing in vid perhaps could be described what he did as doing a bit different than what you describe, in his exper, and he had some sense of the what-who reaching out for) ~prep immerse…
or whatever, just my bias, but I think prior to that you want to have Contact

(but not in the sense of allornothing… think of someone you know well, your Ma or a good friend, an assoc… each of those have different gestalts (ie you have a gut-sense that undefinable X is “so&so” vs someone you “Don’t know”… could be indicating not have that undefinable sense… but even a first meeting, an assumption first-impression but still a sense of this person met and we have this …)
do you have that sense and an “intuitive” sort of back and forth- just vs casting a “telepathic-net” out with no sense of where they are… do you have that sense of the Essence you are seeking to Contact? (Shashtan in this ex)?

Hello, I don’t mean to be rude but I didn’t fully comprehend what you typed, though I am grateful to you for taking the time. Maybe I’ll come back at it later & try agan.