Need help in Curses and death magick - (me) requesting personalized insights from spirits

-Requesting help - can anyone help me with this please?
can anyone clearly hear or see spirits?

Rituals of destruction have backfired on me, luckily I had enough protection but I was close to cause massive damage to myself and others too who I wish to leave unhurt. Even standard type of rituals did not work for some unknown reasons. I have been depressed for an entire year, feeling like I could not deal with injustice, rather feeling powerless against it, not being able to destroy anymore, just neutralize - and even that did not always seem to work properly at some points, like with those that cause chemtrails to actively and intentionally poison this planet and humanity.

Hi there - I believe I came across a personal blockage/limitation in my ability to do baneful magick through demons, and curses, somehow. The thing is, I have done lots of magick, have quite a number of pacts - but for some reason I was not successful in cursing a particular person called person ‘S.S. (I am aware that I cannot name names)’ . I have asked help many times but I get help for everything except answers on how to use baneful magick on a particular individual and it causes slow burning rage of injustice being left to devour my life - affecting all of my relationships for the worse, including my love-live, for which I really try to invest myself 200 percent to make something of it, giving it my all.

So on one hand I would like to know exactly what I personally have to do to be successful in cursing S.S. (a guy that has done the most filthy, disgusting things to a lot of people and who is a f’ing traitor to the human race…long story short he actively worked towards the destruction and enslavement detriment of the human race in his own pathways, working with entities that cooperate with the illuminati and the guy is still living in the fruits of the detriment that he caused, so he needs to be dealth with and learn some existential lessons such as 'if you have no respect for the value of life except for your own - you will face the karmic consequences - and I wish to deliver that to him, most personally) I have no doubt that even mother Theresa would ‘do’ him in the worse ways she can muster if she knew how.

with any demon that I want - successfully., in my particular case,. but also how to successfully do curses in general. When I call forth demons of destruction, things feel ‘light’ and fluffy instead of having the feeling that something raw has been unleashed. So I am wondering what I am dealing with here and if the effect is what it was intended to-

Do I need to make a new pact with other content in order to be able to do that again- and with whom?
Where is the problem located?

Were my curses successful anyways in my new current magickal configuration?

What general types of general rituals should I engage in in order to get my ‘swing’ back?
and do my overall magick with?
I guess those are answers that only spirits can answer, but I lost my touch and it stresses me out, and it blocks me in my own integrity and ability to flow most truthfully with myself, as baneful magick has it’s own alchemy, clearing injustice out of my system and my life, which is a much needed task as well in this cosmos at large.

Any help would be most appreciated, there is a part of me that really feels at the bottom and I absolutely hate to be in this place of powerlessness against vice, especially against this guy called S.S.

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I am very sorry to hear all this happening to you because I know the feeling very well.
Actually, this is as if I have written it myself.
I am also struggling for almost one year with the exact same thing and I think I am slowly going insane.
What has helped me till now, is trying to detach from all I have done for a little while, and also seeking the answers for the failure in divinations.
Some of the divinations gave really accurate answers.
Have you tried to do divinations why it is not happening?

You should work with Thantifaxath and Samael and empower your shadow workings. Beelzebub helps too and Astaroth in a subtle but most potent way.


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Have you considered maybe youve been hit with a simple mirror spell or mirror shield?

That’s exactly what I thought…or maybe a binding.

Here’s a really out there thought, but if this guy is that bad, maybe he has protection from infernal workings. Maybe the opposite would be more effective…Angels maybe???