Need help identifying a spirit

My sister who is somehwat psychic gifted, had a dream involving me. In the dream she was in a hospital bed about to die anderen I was There with her, standing next to the bed looking from the bottom of my heart happy. Meanwhile she noticed that something was standing in the Corner of the room obvserving me. She said it looked like black mist with the rough shape of a human being and red eyes. The mist she said was so black that it was almost like a black hole. After some time it moved closer to me and seemed to want to converse with me, but I didn’t seem to notice it and I continued to seem really happy smiling, as if I was happy that it was there and thought it wants to help me but it seemed to quite different intentions. She couldn’t put them into coherent sentences but this was what she came up with: he seemed like being a abbys, he seemed like he would bring my ruin, he seemed to be nothing but everything at the same time, she thought he seemed like a imposter (to be exact someone who would pose as an friend that can be trusted and would teach me stuff to win my trust, but would only use me until I’m of no use anymore, that’s when he will bring my complete ruin, he seemed like bad news, my sister said I didn’t see through his tricks and was seemed extremely naive and trusting(something I’m normally not) and was in danger wich I didn’t notice. She also drew a picture of him (his sockets weren’t black but red, as stated earlier)
I don’t know what to do about this very unsetteling revelation and would be thankful for any help in this situation of mine.

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P.S. When I was first told about this dream I dismissed it as nothing to be concerned about, since my sister herself didn’t think it was very impprtant. Also for quite some time whenever I got into TGS and started vibration a spirits Name or a chant I would often hear my voice twice as if there was a second voice repeating just a Split second after me. Some time later I chanted this incantation by the User Hermes, wich I found in the incantation thread:
"Black magickal/LHP version of the “Higher Self” concept
the dark self or shadow self

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is where I (AZAZEL) can help – take your left wrist in your right hand making a circle like a bracelet, and then turn anti-clockwise once – repeat:


Then close your eyes and see yourself in dark glory, reflected upon your eyelids, in the inner/outer interface of this world.

It is done – you have successfully made contact with your dark-ascended self.

Embrace it, converse with it, and love it so much that you and it cease to be seperated in any meaningful manner.

This just happened people, I haven’t tested it but I trust him on this, that if you’re into this path, then this will work for you"

Today while speaking with my sister I and my sister this time heared this second voice while I was laughing. I’m pretty concerned about this whole matter at this point and would be thankful for any help.


I think it is some sort of shadow person it sounds like but it could be your own shadow. There’s really no way for me to tell from here but you should do some divination and see what you come up with.

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Just looking at the picture and it reminds me of Marbas.

My sister sees shadow people all the time, and Said this thing was defenitly not one of them. She said they seemed to be scared of him and he seemed more like he was made out of smoke.
She also said that was like there was a tiny Part of it that reminded her of me, but that it wasn’t human. It seemed to be something about it that made it neither man nor beast but something along the lines of a dark sphere of nothingness, but evrything at the same time, like it a dark endless abbys.
I want to use divination methods soon, but I wanted to ask on here first since I’m really bad at it and doubt that I will find any kind of answer. Thank you for the reply though.

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