Need help identifying a couple things

Hi, i’m all the way in with this devil shit, i’ve been a volunteer and successfully warping since i was young. I need help on identifying a couple things if anybody can help me. U might have heard of these artists, Lil Peep, Asap Rocky and Lil uzi vert, all goats in their own way… Here are a couple photos i’ve pulled from these music videos and or photography found on the internet

Gab3 - Hollywood Dreaming ft Lil Peep NEXT (SHIFT+N)

LiL PEEP - nothing to u (Official Music Video)

Lil Uzi Vert - Demon High [Official Music Video]

please if u can identify these,
what animal skull is that and why would peep be using it…
whats in the jar and why?
what symbols are these in the uzi video
guess best as u can whats going on in the asap rocky photo
does the devils horns on the forehead a flaunt?

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 3.59.56 pm

more photos will be in the comments.
thanks guys i do appreciate it.

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The locker photos:

1, sigil of marbas with what looks like the deathly hallows (Harry Potter) underneath it.

2, kinda looks like the south node symbol in astrology? Otherwise, probably just some bullshit.

3, just a chaos wheel

4, probably just some bullshit that’s supposed to look “magical”

The skull is a cattle skull. Can’t think of a specific reason other than they wanted a “huge ass skull” probably.

The jar is probably supposed to be some hoodoo type of thing like a curse jar of some sort.

The horns on the forehead?

Bruh, c’mon…he’s more than likely copying Eminem…

Doesn’t mean anything other than somebody being like, “ooooh, I’m BAD!


One of them looks like the astrological sign for Leo upside down to me

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