Need help - I cannot even say that I am at the beginner's level

Greetings to everyone! :relaxed:

I am Anna, and I literally have no knowledge of magick and everything related to it.

I am frustrated because I do not know what/when to start, where to begin, and which of the advises I should follow *I am lying if I will tell you that I am not afraid of it. Also, I have been having dreams, weird dreams that I do not know how to interpret like before, I saw a one-winged angel in the middle of a dark something/environment having a light shining on him from above and he was looking at the source of it, I guess *and just last night I had varied dreams, and in one of those dreams, I heard someone uttered Clauneck’s name, and pardon me I cannot clearly remember the face, but it was a man.

Anyway, please do not get mad at me if I do lack the knowledge for this or if I am sounding/being like a fool, but I hope someone may be of help, and I will be deeply grateful.


O can’t help you with your dream but I can show you a good place to introduce you to magick. First, Quareia is a very good place to start. And look up the psychonaut field manual. It’s a good little book to give some things to practice. Also, just searching things up on this forum can help.


Hi Anna,

Welcome to BALG. I’m pretty much where you are. I’ve always known about magick and read things online but I’m a total newbie. Also the fact that I’m a Christian and all the you’re doomed for eternal damnation really had me scared to try for a long time. I just did my first invocation with magick and it didn’t turn out the way I thought, meaning I wasn’t as prepared as I should’ve been to get the result I asked for.

I will say I’m learning everyday and reading on this forum is showing me a lot. I’m really grateful because there are so many here that will take time out to help you and give you some great advice. My advice is to not be afraid to ask questions and be vulnerable. The people here are amazing and even with me being a Christian I have been met with nothing but love respect and knowledge from the great people here.

I hope you find what you need, achieve all you heart desires and eventually pay it forward with all you learn for another new practitioner that comes along.


My advice. Dont worry about identifying just call them your guide. Let them teach you. Answers will com naturally. Ask them for clarity and a peace of mind


Thank you so much @SITHISIT :relaxed::sob: I am deeply grateful. I’ll make sure your help would not be wasted. Be well! :relaxed:

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Hello @Blankman101,

Thank you so much for welcoming me. I’m really thankful, and honoured for your thoughtful and encouraging message *well, actually you kinda got the gist of my situation from what you have shared.

Actually, when I was reading some of the threads here, reading the people’s comment, I pretty much concluded that the people here are more welcoming than expected.

Thank you again! Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it! And may you be able to achieve as well all your heart desires. Adieu!

Hi @SeekerofK,

I have always thought that they’ve been leaving me confused and frustrated, but it was just me all along making myself baffled about it. I really hope they can guide me, especially to the path that I am about to take. Thank you so much!

Welcome to the forum. There is no need to be scared, but a bit of apprehension can be a good thing at times. It lets you know what to hold off on until later.

Also no need to apologize, we are all beginners at some point.

As some have mentioned, the search tool is a great place to start, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t ever be afraid to ask. Someone is bound to know the answer or can point you in the right direction.

I hope you learn much and I look forward to watching you develop your skills. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re welcome. I hope you have a good Magickal life :grin::ok_hand::+1: