Need help getting that happily ever after

I fell in love with an amazing woman, a kind-hearted person who busts her butt but doesn’t have anything near the life she deserves. I’ve watched her put her own health at risk by working at a hospital during the current situation, I’ve watched her work 16 hour shifts two or three days a week only to get a day off, I’ve watched as the stress is slowly wearing her down to nothing. I’m asking for your help, any kind of spell or prayer to give us the money we need to start our lives together, where we can live comfortably without killing ourselves to scrape by, would be appreciated. And if that’s not an option, then I will take matters into my own hands. If it means giving her the life she deserves then I’ll do the impossible. I’ve actually had the idea for a servitor that’s a weapon. I hope it doesn’t come to that but there are a lot of human scum in the world. The way I see it taking from them is just carrying out karma’s will.

For reference I don’t do anything involving demons or summoning. The most I do is pray to several deities and commune with spirit guides. I typically offer thanks and prayers to Odin, Bast, Amaterasu, the three Greek moon goddesses, as well as Aphrodite.

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Pray to saint expedite. or try candle magick.

Please, introduce yourself to the members of the forum, so everyone can know the best way to help you.

How old are you? Where do you hail from? Do you have experience in magick? What areas of magick does interest you? Do not neglect this questions.

That being said, here is a little mantra for quick cash:

A good friend of mine used it recently with good results.

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1.Make a dream board with your financial goals in there
2. Pick a high income skill or market - stock market, e-commerce , social media marketing; anything that’s a high income providing source your personality fits best
3. Use your love to provide for yourself and her to drive your ambition , take a couple months to learn any of these , put as many hours into it as you can

It’s a physical world so it requires physical action , most money spells alone won’t even do much of you don’t have a source for it to come through , other than that you can manifest things with your own consciousness and emotions, writing things down is a good way to solidity them into the collective consciousness for them to manifest

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Thank you, and I think I have my information up now? Not sure as I’m still getting used to this format.