Money Spells (And Other Workings) That Yielded Results

I just threw all my money/prosperity/job posts together


Take one large green pillar candle and carve your name (or person who’s benalf your working for) dress the candle with blessing and or court case oil (good for negotiations) and powders. Dress the candle with cinnamon to draw in money, basil for money and prosperity and some sage for cleansing and protection. Make a name paper or petition paper, write the name 7 times then turn it 1/4 turn clockwise and write over the names “find work”. Without lifting your pen or pencil from the paper encircle the names with the word “prosperity” until your back to where you started. “5 spot” petition papers with the oils and place them under the candle along with any business cards or anything with the name of he employer on it. I used the tops of receipts when it was a retail outlet. Sprinkle left over herbs from when you dressed the candle around the saucer. Light the candle and work it from the morning till noon unless this person has a job interview in which you’ll let it burn all day or until they return from the interview.

I made a packet recently when my fiancé got rehired from the job the linked sigil spell got her the year before. I used a piece of cloth, made a name paper and have it a 5 spot of prosperity oil, added salt, nutmeg, gravel root and cinnamon folded up into a small packet and tied it off in a cross fashion and prayed the 23 psalm over it and then passed it through the flame of a green fixed money drawing candle. She was supposed to go through several interview processes but was placed on the short list of potential hires after the first interview. When she wasn’t at interviews I kept the packet next to the prosperity candle. She was hired in less than a week. I’ll post a picture of it later.

I’ll look around and see what other ones I have.


Well I did an evocation to find new niche products to sell on amazon. The other day I was out doign some shopping and a box of a certain type of chocolate fell off the shelf, I pick it up and run it through my amazon scanner and it has a pretty good rank and price so I bought all of those to sell.


About 6 months ago I did a candle spell to request money simply by
carving Fehu on a green candle. The very next day I made $150, and
this occurred 3 days in a row for a total of $450. No one was more
shocked then I was.

A couple of years ago I purchased the Torah and read it. One night
I dreamed of my grandmother in an attic who showed me three numbers.
The following day I played the quick pick and made $165.

Many years ago an enormous lottery was was brnging in the masses
plunging down money. For really no reason I took a blue lightbulb and
plugged it into a socket and meditated on the numbers. I hit 5 out
of the 6 numbers and collected $750.


Remembered something else about the Rune candle spell. I have a
friend who was in dire need of paying of his taxes amounting to $1250.
I told him to try this simple spell. He did and the following day he sold
that exact amount of merchandise on his website and paid off his debt.


I found myself in the hole a few weeks back due to taxes. I did my taxes at H&R Block and found out that I owed the government 643 bucks on federal.

I have worked with Hecate for a few years now and I brought that concern to her in one of my invocations of her following that news. H&R ended up calling me a week later telling me that there was a discrepancy in my file because I lived in two different states during that fiscal year and I ended up getting 800 back on my taxes due to this.


Heres my secret method for instant cash. There’s a mantra recorded by Master Choa Kok Sui . The mantra itself is " OM NAMO RAMAH OM " when I chant this mantra as The recording is playing I always find money .If not on the ground,shelfs then I’ll get a call by someone offering or gifting me money. ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL even if my intent was just to chant the mantra since I enjoy it


Lakshmi and a certain mantra are very good, in one morning last year, after spending the whole night time before sleeping singing that mantra which i cant remember, the next morning i woke up and i was working in a hotel reception and i had a lot of free time, which at the moment i started using to invest online…that morning i made from 50 dollars, 450…stupid me, i spent it all right away…but it did work O_O i know. . i cant have money that is why being a slave right now serves me well, i am stupid :smiley:


My first success with this was with the following method.

  1. I had an intention to get some money, and get it fast. I had no known means of getting any.

  2. I wrote a bindrune on a 3x5 notecard with a marker. If I recall correctly it was Fehu, Sowilo, and Perthro. Fehu for money, Sowilo for speed, and Perthro to modify luck in my favor.

  3. After that anytime I was going to leave my apartment, I held the card, looked at the bind rune, and while focusing on my intent stated out loud ‘Odd luck money’ several times.

  4. If I caught myself thinking about money in any way at other times, I would silently repeat that ‘Odd luck money’ phrase to myself quietly once or twice while visualizing the bindrune, and then forcibly turn my attention elsewhere.

A few days later I got a check in the mail that was more than I normally made in a month of wages at that time.


Made use of Bethor and the Money Square from Abramelin on several occasions.

Method: I would get into trance using the Invoking Omnipotence method, empower myself, then open Bethor’s (Jupiter Planetary Intelligence) sigil. I would pour my intent into it, then set it aside. I would then reempower myself, and open the Money Square. I would thank the spirits, close the ritual, and put the Money Square into my wallet.

Twice, I did this immediately before going to the casino.

The first time, I wanted to order a copy of the Complete Works of EA, but wanted to let fate decide if I should get it or not. I didn’t want to simply armchair with such an expensive book, so if I couldn’t get it without ritual, I wasn’t going to bother. I won nearly the exact amount of money I needed to get the book.

I tend to be pretty frugal, so I was still on the fence about whether to buy the book. I did the ritual above again, went to the casino, and won another few hundred. So I ordered the book! :slight_smile: While I was waiting for it, I had the extra money, so I ordered a few other grimmoires that I’d been wanting to read.

(Note: I tend to never gamble. When I do, I usually play a game of prediction like Roulette, and I try to let my precog and/or reality manipulation do the winning. When my energy gets tapped out, I quit.)

Another time a month or so later, I was wanting some other magickal supplies, ritual work, and knowledge, some of which was going to be very expensive. I didn’t have the money, so I let the fates decide again. I did the rituals above again, and just waited. At my school, I put in for a scholarship and didn’t get it, so I was a bit bummed but let it go. A few weeks later, one of the faculty in the department had put me in for an entirely different scholarship, and it was right around the amount that I needed for my supplies and the ritual - about $1k.

I did some divination, and it seemed to suggest I go forward with the plan, but I wasn’t able to link up with the magician who was to do the working. So I slowly used the money to buy other books and supplies, figuring that was what was needed. I ended up needing the money several months later, so I could travel to do an important ritual for someone very close to me. The ritual did what it was needed to do, so I ended up getting everything I needed.


Every job I’ve had in the last five years has been a result of ritual in some form or another - usually sigil work or evocation before and after interviews. I’ve used this to “climb the corporate ladder,” so to speak, and I’ve gone from making 15k a year to around 80k in just over 3 years. Most of these were entities from BOA, or KOF. Though occasionally I’ll use the Goetia or pagan deities for money.

In addition, I’ve used my own method of egregore creation to form an entity that brought me money on the side for a period. I could just ask which lotto scratch offs to buy before walking into the store, and walk out with more money every time. I made a few hundred dollars this way. Likewise, I was able to use the egregore to gain several thousands of dollars from a very small investment in a short time frame.

My next financial goal is early retirement. Hopefully that will take less than 5 years.


I work specifically with the spirits out of the Goetia. I was set to lose my job. I used to look out my office window and watch as this completely manipulative enemy of mine tried to shove me out of my position. This took strategic sorcery.

First I evoked Andras using the demonic enns. I sent him to cause trouble and single this person out. The person was assaulted by someone soon thereafter, and became embroiled in a dispute that put them in jeopardy.

Second, I evoked Paimon on Thursday, during the hour of Mercury on the day of Jupiter. I did so with the seals of Jupiter in front of me. As for the evocation and what was spoken, I can not share it.

I want to say, however, that I have learned that evoking spirits with different talents for different things is the key to success. Know where you want to cause dissension. Curse the people who are your rivals. Cause trouble for them, magickally. Kick them out of your path. Show no remorse or mercy. Take what is rightfully yours, then use spirits to control those “above” you for your own gain. Trust me, no one cares about you. You need to care about yourself.

You have to plan your strategy, and then allow the spirits to do the work for you. Disengage!

Lastly, if the spirits tell you to lie, do it! If it throws someone under the bus, don’t give a fuck! I’ve been too long in the professional world too long to not realize that people are ruthless!


Thank you everyone. This is very helpful!!

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Ref: the above, I can’t vouch for Birto (nor sithseverus) but for anyone interested, here’s what a quick google search turned up:

There’s a drawing that’s reputed to be of him, source unknown, at this link

“A depiction of the demon spirit Birto, said to have been conjured at the request of King Edward IV ~17th century.”

I don’t know anything about this demon so suggest you deploy caution and do divination first.

Edited 20th Sept: I’ve temporarily stickied this thread and tidied it up a bit as an experiment, to see if we can to keep it strictly for info and personal success stories, for people who are in financial need.

To recap: List what you wanted, what method you used, any on-topic notes, and finally the result - no moralising, no banter, no comments about the capitalist system, no planned works or comments on someone else’s post (please show appreciation with the like function, and take questions about the working or “That spirit totally doesn’t handle that” to another thread or PM).


Hey,guys 1 month ago.i was in dispute whit a manager,so i ask her,why you let the fat chick go home first,it cause a big deal bcse tey are good friends,i tnk and decide to work whit belphegor,a demon of wealth.i got suspend 1 week.but i ask him to help me.i got 2 jobs,im getting overtime.every day.more morning.night were i got suspended.tey beg mw to work.and the fat chick is picking tat days:).also i did find $ 5 dollrs in the air,i follow,and find $407, usa, dollrs.exactly 1 week,aftdr i pray to a of the busiest electronic storez on the world.not one see,just me,folded,nice,not it was not wallet.just folded money,i was so hspy whit him.


In my past, I have taken a different approach with some success…

Using ritual for ‘Compassion’ in ‘The Satanic Bible’, I performed a ritual with the focus of quick monetary gain. For those who have read the book, it is a simple form of symbolism to affect one’s own subconscious… And it works. (The Destruction ritual also has worked amazingly well for me).

Two days after the Compassion ritual I received a call from a family member to tell me that they had just transferred $8k to my account - they figured it would be useful to me. It was.

Since then, I have made efforts with NAP, as well as that same compassion ritual. Any quick gains? No. But… My wife and I have gone from mostly struggling to having enough that we could be considered reasonably well off (no debt, $2m assets). Hard work? Luck? Whatever…

The secret to the working (The Satanic Bible) was given by Anton LaVey in that it doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not… Whilst IN ritual, you MUST believe with every ounce of your being. I consider that this approach creates the greatest level of symbolism that can reach one’s subconscious, and then affect reality. Whether it works for others I do not know, but it did work for me.


You sound really experienced with this, and I’ve also found the long-term approach works with money magick - short-term lump sums, not so much. Can you please share the names of the demons you’ve found came through the best over the years?

What probably seems self-explanatory to you might not be to everyone, and a lot of new people join the forum every week who’d love to have some pointers. :slight_smile:


[quote=“Bill”]This is a post about my findings on achieving true wealth while using the influence of magic. This is a big picture post, not a simple spell.

First off, let me say this is the only area I feel competent in. I have advanced myself to a point far beyond what I ever thought possible. Here is the secret: it is my primary concern in life. Judge as you will. I hide that fact from everyone I know and act humble at all times, but in secret I am not humble and a very greedy person. So I make a lot of money at this point in my life. Much more than ANY profession you could work in.[/quote]

So what business are you in ?


[quote=“Bill”][quote=“wildtouch, post:27, topic:2762”][quote=“Bill”]This is a post about my findings on achieving true wealth while using the influence of magic. This is a big picture post, not a simple spell.

First off, let me say this is the only area I feel competent in. I have advanced myself to a point far beyond what I ever thought possible. Here is the secret: it is my primary concern in life. Judge as you will. I hide that fact from everyone I know and act humble at all times, but in secret I am not humble and a very greedy person. So I make a lot of money at this point in my life. Much more than ANY profession you could work in.[/quote]

So what business are you in ?[/quote]

I’m really sorry, but I’d rather not say. I hope you can understand.[/quote]

haha I understand but can’t blame me for trying but if you ever decide to share your wealth building secret or write a book about it let me know.


I don’t think this posted before, so forgive me if it’s a double post and feel free to delete it if it is: I used E.A’s Sigil technique to summon Bune because I needed money to fix my car right away. 2 days later I received $200 from my mother who just happened to win extra money at a casino so she had more than enough to spare! She even took me out to a nice dinner while my car was being fixed!